Former lawyer, CPA, and now the owner of the  NBA’s Chicago Bulls and MLB’s Chicago White Sox, Brooklyn native Jerry Reinsdorf’s living legacy speaks to the community and the heart of Chicago’s people and culture.  

Finding his initial success in real estate, Reinsdorf has owned and led the two teams for over 30 years, bringing in 6 NBA championships and a World Series.

Having never imagined any monetary success in his early days, his success comes nothing short of brilliant planning and thorough administration style. 

From business to baseball, get to know the Owner of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, Jerry Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf details the beauty of working in Chicago, highlighting the friendly people and community, embracing both the success and encouragement of his peers. He also detailed what challenges came along his way, burdened with the difficult decision making, splitting his personal life with his professional career along with navigating the political environment. 

Looking forward, Reinsdorf envisions the future of the MLB to mirror the interpersonal connection of the NBA. Popularizing NBA players, he reflects on the lack of connection fans have with MLB players and sees the forthcoming celebrity status of baseball players as a vital key to making baseball an appreciated sport. 

As for the future of the NBA, Reinsdorf is moved by the international appeal of the sport,  aspiring for the rise of basketball in Europe and Mexico, dominating the sports industry globally

Featured Image: Salvi Chicago
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