Listen September 2022 is a really long time away, but we got a lot of time to waste until then! So lets sit back and review the state of the NFC North. The Bears have a major regime change, new head coach new GM, but they weren’t alone. The Vikings also brought in some new faces in their front office and coaching staff. The Lions showed a lot of fire last season, and are playing their hearts out for their new coach. The Packers are the Packers, full of talent but also full of intrigue and drama. Will Rodgers stay, or will Rodgers go? The NFC North was a lackluster division last season, but 2022 is going to be much more competitive, lets take at the 2022 NFC North Power Rankings predictions. 


1. The Packers 

Listen it pains any Bears fan to admit the the Packers are good, but they are. Although they are #1 in this ranking the future of the Packers is not as bright as it has looked in the past. The Packers are in a cap space NIGHTMARE, currently around 50 million over the salary cap going into 2022. They have Devante Adams hitting the free agency market who is going to carry a heavy price tag to retain, and losing him will deal and equally heavy blow to the Packers offense. Then comes the Packers situation with their Hall Of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers. Rumors have been speculating since last summer about Rodgers relationship with the Packers, the team renegotiated his contact making 2022 his last season and ensuring he would get a larger salary this previous year and the next. Rodgers now 38, is still playing out of his mind but the entire sports world knows that there is trouble in paradise between the Packers and Rodgers. If Adams moves on what would Rodgers be left with? Not even considering Rodgers and Adams the Packers have to make some major moves this offseason to get under the salary cap.


Let’s say that the Packers keep Rodgers and Adams in 2022, but lose some key guys along the defense and offense. This team is still far and beyond more powerful on offense than anyone else in the NFC North. The Bears and the Vikings have taken strides to reach that level of offense to compete with the Packers but neither are there. The Packers are most likely going to walk away on-top of the NFC North in 2022, but is there a chance that this is the beginning of the end for the team that has dominated the NFC North for decades?  


2. The Bears

I am sure we could be called biased for putting the Bears ahead of the Vikings in the power rankings, but hear us out! The Bears have put together a really strong front office and coaching staff and have a really refreshed look. They have a new perspective and they have the young talent already in place. Justin Fields didn’t have a stellar year in 2021 but he sure did have some INSANE moments, we all remember that run against the 49ers right? or that comeback drive against the Steelers? The rookie showed that he posses the talent and the skills to be a franchise QB, and hopefully he now has the coach and a GM to put him into position to put it all together. The Bears have talent all across the board too, David Montgomery, Roquan Smith, Darnell Mooney, Jaylon Johnson, Teven Jenkins and don’t forget the vet’s like Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, and Eddie Jackson. Ryan Poles has a tall order ahead of him in constructing a roster that can compete next season with about 25-30 players hitting free agency there are plenty of holes to fill.


Listen the Bears aren’t there yet, and they might not be there next season either. The fact of the matter is is that they have so much young talent… If Ryan Poles makes the right moves this offseason, gets some help on the Oline, some extra additions for offensive weapons the Bears are primed for an exciting 2022. On the flip side though, if the Bears make the wrong moves this offseason we will get a repeat of 2021…


3. The Vikings 

The Vikings have all the talent in the world. They have a stud WR in Justin Jefferson, a stud RB in Dalvin Cook. How on earth could we justify them at the #3 spot? It’s easy, Kirk Cousins. Numbers aside, Kirk Cousins is not a good QB, at least when it matters. Cousins with the Vikings is 7-26 against winning teams since his career started with the Vikings. He lights up the stat lines but he just can’t follow-up that performance it seems like when it matters the most. Otherwise the Vikings have a pretty well rounded roster, they have lost some guys on defense but the unit together still plays solid.


Cousins is entering into his final year in his contact. There could be a big turn around with the Vikings if they move on from Cousins. Surely that would be followed up with a rebuild but with talent like Jefferson and Cook they won’t be anything to laugh at. If they keep Kirk around for another long term deal Vikings fans are in for years and years of more mediocrity.


4. The Lions 

Let me start this off with one thing, I love the Lions. They are so fun, so fiery they play with a ton of heart. They were the underdogs in about every matchup they had last season but they played everyone so close. They have a lot of really good young players that are going to be huge building blocks going forward. Dan Campbell is an awesome coach and I hope the front office is patient with him, and his players love him. The Lions make or break will be what they decide to do at the QB position. All credit to Jared Goff but he is not the guy of the future for the Lions. Goff has 3 more years under contact and he carriers a heavy price tag as well. The Lions are going to have to either ride it out with Goff while trying to build young talent around him and wait out his contract, or bite the bullet and trade the QB. All that being said the Lions are in a better position in the future than the Vikings and the Packers.


Let us know what your NFC North Power Ranking Predictions are!!

As always Bear down…

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