Yesterday afternoon the 2022 NFL draft came to a close. The Chicago Bears went into the draft with 6 picks but came out with 11 new players via a few trade backs in the later rounds. The 11 picks were used to grab 4 o-linemen, 2 safeties, a defensive lineman, running back, corner, wide receiver, and even a punter to close things out. A lot of needs were addressed in this draft. The secondary is looking like a much stronger unit with the additions of Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker in the 2nd round. The o-line has plenty of fresh competition going into OTAs. The one big need many fans feel wasn’t covered enough is the receiving corps. The only WR taken by the Bears in the draft, University of Tennessee product Velus Jones Jr., definitely has potential. Velus runs a 4.31 40 yard dash, excels as a return man, and is seen to fit the same mold as a Deebo Samuel type. On the other hand he’s a little older than most draft prospects, 25, and only recently started to get more use at the receiver position. While I think he can certainly be developed by new Bears OC Luke Getsy it’s most likely going to take some time. So, will the Bears make more moves in free agency to further add to the receiving room going into the 2022 season? Guys like Jarvis Landry, Will Fuller, and OBJ remain on the open market and could be brought in as veteran options to help out the offense. Realistically I don’t know that the Bears can get a guy like OBJ, having just come off a fairly impressive season culminating in a Super Bowl victory. I do however, think Landry or Fuller could be had at a decent price. Landry, 29, has had a solid career in Miami and Cleveland averaging 950 yards and 4-5 touchdowns over his 8 years in the league. The other option mentioned in Fuller, 28, has not put up as impressive numbers due to injuries in his career, but he still comes with respectable averages of 523 yards and 4 touchdowns over 6 seasons (5 in Houston 1 in Miami). If the Bears could grab either of these guys off the free agent market, likely on a 1 year deal, it could be the little boost they need at WR to satisfy fans and help out the offense and young QB Justin Fields going into this season. We’ll just have to see if it’s a boost Poles, Eberflus, and the front office actually think they need.


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