May we hopefully win some games this month?


After a disappointing two game set with the White Sox, May is looking bleak.

The Cubs have not been playing great baseball lately. Over their last 10 games, they are averaging 3.7 runs a game. If you take away that 10th game, where they scored 21 against the Pirates, they are only averaging 1.78 runs per game. 

That’s not good.

Looking at this month, there are 4 possible series that the Cubs should win. 

My April predictions were not great. I had the Cubs sitting right around .500 at 12-11. The Cubs started the month of May at 8-13. I am hoping that this month will be a little better, now that we have a little bit of a reference point.

The Cubs started the month out on a high note, blanking the Brewers in the final game of the series behind a strong start from Marcus Stroman. Stroman went 7 strong innings, and only allowed 2 hits.

In the first two games against the White Sox this month, the Cubs did not look good. 

I should say that the offense didn’t look good. The bullpen is one of the bright spots so far for this team.

The Cubs were able to put up more than a run in game 2 against Lucas Giolito, who gave up all 3 runs in the game. But unfortunately for the Cubs, they were not able to do anything against the Sox ‘pen.


The Cubs were only able to muster two hits in 3.1 innings against the bullpen, both coming in the eighth inning, where it looked like they might be able to at least tie the game. 


I was hoping they would at least split the two games, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Season: 9-15


Remaining May Series


Dodgers Weekend Set

On the bright side, the Cubs should win at LEAST one more game this month. They first have to play a tough three game series against the Dodgers at home this weekend. If they win one this weekend I’d be happy. 

Prediction: 1-2 (If the offense figures it out)

Season: 10-17


NL West Trip

After a weekend set with the Dodgers at home, the Cubs head out to San Diego to take on the Padres. 

These games could be ugly. 

The Padres are currently tied for the 4th most runs scored in the MLB at 119. They have an explosive offense and a few superstar names that would love to continue their good starts.

Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado both have batting averages over .350, and have 17 and 18 RBIs respectively. 

The Cubs can win a game in this series if their offense finally clicks, and the bullpen can continue to do what they’ve been doing.

Series: 1-2

Season: 11-19


On the bright side, after a tough series with the Padres, they head to Arizona to face a Diamondback team that is in the bottom half for hitting and pitching. An even matchup if you ask me (which is a bit sad). 

The D-Backs are currently last in the NL West, but that doesn’t mean much, because the entire division is .500 or better. 

They currently sit at 13-13, and will be coming off a series with the Marlins. 

There is a chance that will have to go against Madison Bumgarner, and old friend Zach Davies. The Cubs should be able to again win at least one of these games and hopefully right the ship before heading back home.

Series: 1-2

Season: 12-21


At this point, I am a little pessimistic that the Cubs will not get close to 70 wins, but it is only the first week of May, and this team does tend to hit a hot streak during the warm summer months. There will always be that little bit of hope that when they hit that streak we will make the playoffs, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Home Cooking

The Pirates come in for three games on May 16th, and hopefully at this point, the offense knows how to hit the ball (not right to the defense), and the pitchers are able to keep trending in the right direction.

At this point, I am still optimistic that this Cubs team can beat the Pirates. On paper, this team should be better, and we all can see that they are grossly underperforming.

I want to be very optimistic, and say that they can sweep the Pirates, but I am going to err on the side of caution, and say only two of three.

Series: 2-1

Season: 14-22


Following the Pirates, the D-Backs come to Chicago a week after the two played in Arizona. I think this could be a tale of two cities type of series. Whatever happens in the first three games, the opposite could happen in Chicago. Unless, of course, the Cubs play well in Arizona, then hopefully they continue that hot streak, and win two back to back series. 

This is a four game, Thursday to Sunday, series where I honestly think the Cubs will split.


Season: 16-24

On the Road Again

The Cubs head to Cincinnati for the first time this season toward the end of the month. The Reds have been the WORST team so far this season, and it has been comical at times. 

They are off to a 3-21 start.

Cubs fans should be happy our team is competing, and not giving up in games. I’m not saying the Reds are doing that, but at least Cubs games have been entertaining so far this year. I almost feel bad for Reds fans. Again, I’m not going to be overly confident that the Cubs can win all four games in this series, but I wouldn’t put it out of the question.

Series: 3-1



After a week in Ohio, the Cubs come “home” to play the White Sox on the south side. Just like the first two games, I bet these two games will be competitive late into the games. Unlike the first two games, I am hoping the Cubs can actually put a few more runs across, and win one of these two.

Series: 1-1

Season: 20-26


End of the Month

To finish the month of May, the Brewers come to town. On Memorial Day, the teams will play a double header, as a makeup from the opening week series. 

This Series is the start of a rough homestand. If the Cubs are able to get hot later this month, then we might be looking at a Cubs team ready to play the Cardinals.

The Cubs have played the Brewers pretty well this season, and I see this series as a good spot to start a win streak.

Series: 2-2

Season: 22-28

Month: 14-15


This month the Cubs play 14 of the 26 games at home, which is always good. Hopefully a more full Wrigley Field will be helpful, as schools will start getting out for summer, which is when the park becomes more fun. 


I really hope that the Cubs are able to prove me wrong this month, and we can head into June with a winning record.


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