We are finally here… We have the entire 2022-2023 Bears schedule. Time for the national media to predict a 3 win season, and die hard Bears fans convince themselves we can win 12-14 games… Listen it’s so hard to have any clue at all on how this Bears team is going to shake out, especially in May. They could have a rising star take a starter spot at camp. They could make a big free agent signing (there are still some out there), they could make a trade, who knows the point being this roster is far from final form. To predict what this team is capable of in May just seems foolish, so we won’t be doing that today. We are going to go through Week 1-18 and look at some of the big time matchup’s and key’s to the game. So HERE WE GO.


Week 1 

September 11th 12:00pm cst

San Francisco 49ers AT Chicago Bears  

KEY MATCHUP: Fields vs Lance

The Bears open up their season at home against the NFC West 49ers. The big hype around this game is the possible matchup between Justin Fields and Trey Lance. We still aren’t 100% sure on if Trey Lance is even QB1 for the 49ers, that will probably be discovered in training camp. Regardless the last time Justin Fields played against the 49ers he had over 100 rushing yards with that ELETRIC run that we all remember. This game is going to be an exciting offensive punch by both teams. It will be a true first test for Eberflus and this defense.


Week 2

September 18th 7:20pm cst

Chicago Bears AT Green Bay Packers

KEY MATCHUP: Rodgers VS Bears Secondary 

The NFL wanted to knock out a Bears vs Packers game early in the season. Prime time in Lambeau field, a second year Justin Fields and a new offensive scheme. Aaron Rodgers without his star WR Devante Adams. This is going to be a very interesting game… The reason we made the key matchup Bears DBs vs Aaron Rodgers is because of the loss of Adams. The Bears DB room has a chance to show this game if they are the truth. We know Rodgers is going to make some insane throws but he can’t relay on Adams making people look like children on the field anymore. This game will set the stage for the Bears for years to come…


Week 3 

September 25th 12:00pm cst

Houston Texans AT Chicago Bears

KEY MATCHUP: Bears DLine VS Texans OLine

We will find out what kind of season we have ahead of us after this game. Listen every NFL team is real competition but at the end of the day the Bears SHOULD be a better constructed team than the Texans. The Texans have Davis Mills as their QB for a second year in a row. The Bears DLine has to get in this guys face and they are going to totally take over this game.


Week 4

October 2nd 12:00pm cst

Chicago Bears AT New York Giants 

KEY MATCHUP: Justin Fields vs Giants Secondary.

Another winnable game for the Bears early in the season. The Giants weakest position group by far is their secondary. After the release of James Bradberry their is a huge hole on that end of the field and hopefully Justin Fields can expose it. This game should be a fun one and hopefully a good test for what a Luke Getsy offense can do against a subpar defense.


Week 5 

October 9th 12:00pm

Chicago Bears AT Minnesota Vikings 

KEY MATCHUP: Bears Defense VS Dalvin Cook

The first of two matchups against the Vikings and this one on their home turf. The Bears seemingly always have had Dalvin Cook’s number and in years pass they have made Kirk Cousins win the game. This season we are a team without Akiem Hicks (as of now), and Khalil Mack, all while in a brand new defensive scheme the 4-3. Can this reshaped Bears defense hold one of the elite RBs in the game in check? Or will the game be left up to this Bears offense?


Week 6

October 13th 7:15pm

Washington Commanders AT Chicago Bears

KEY MATCHUP: Jaylon Johnson VS Terry McLaurin

This game just screams random Thursday Night football. It should be a fun one for Bears fans and Commanders fans but maybe not the rest of the football world. It will be competitive and I think really come down to who is the better QB that day, Fields or Wentz. Jaylon Johnson will have a tough test in defending scary Terry who has undeniable speed and body control. Johnson thrives defending big body WRs because he has some strength himself, but can he keep up with McLaurin?


Week 7 

October 24th 7:15pm

Chicago Bears AT New England Patriots 

KEY MATCHUP: Fields VS Jones

We have yet another primetime game for the Bears. Fields vs Jones will be all the rage leading up to this game. Fields was selected before Jones who undoubtedly had a better rookie year in that New England offense. With a new front office and coaching staff will Fields take the rightful spot as the better second year QB? The Bears haven’t played the Patriots since 2018 and the last time they went to New England was 2014. This will be a fun game to watch but you just got to have a sick feeling in your gut that  Bill Belichick is going to have a game plan for Fields… The Bears defense and run game will have to step it up.


Week 8 

October 30th 12:00pm

Chicago Bears AT Dallas Cowboys 


Americas team… barf This should be a fun game and I just have a feeling that Bears fans will be PACKING Jerry world in navy blue and orange. The Cowboys have an explosive offense even without Amari Cooper. They retained Gallup, Cee Dee Lamb is an explosive playmaker in this league, and although he isn’t the same old Zeke he is still a top-10 RB in the league. The Bears defense will have its work cut out for them. It will be fun to see what Fields and this offense can put up against a Dallas team that was notorious for letting big plays happen last season.


Week 9

November 6th 12:00pm

Miami Dolphins AT Chicago Bears

KEY MATCHUP Bears DBs VS Tyreek Hill

How many Dolphins fans do you think are gonna travel from the warm weather of Florida to Chicago in November??? All jokes aside another very even level team that the Bears should have a decent chance beating. The Dolphins added a lot of weapons in hope that Tua can make it come together. The Bears also added a lot of pieces to this secondary to stop offenses like this. I expect Fields and company to have a great ball game themselves as well, the Dolphins have a good overall defense but with a well balanced offense and keeping them guessing on defense this should be a good game for the Bears offense.


1st half of the season notes: 

Listen this Bears team is far from a champion roster, but just look at the first half of the season… There are winnable games across the board and if Eberflus and Getsy implement a sound scheme on both sides of the ball the Bears have a real shot coming out over .500 in weeks 1-9. This is going to be a really fun test to see how Fields can play in year 2 as the for sure QB1 on the team. It is going to be fun to see what this Bears secondary can do after the draft picks of Brisker and Gordon. No matter the win’s and losses’ this is going to be a much more exciting season for Bears fans.



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