As it’s been discussed often this off-season, the Bears WR corps requires some work.

The signings of Byron Pringle and Equinimeous St. Brown, while solid, did not inspire all that much hope in some fans or the media.

And though fans like myself are warming up to the Velus Jones pick, there are still question marks surrounding the Bears’ offense.

Things are headed in the right direction already as Poles continue to make small “prove it” deals with both bolster depth and see if one of these guys CAN actually “prove it” and earn a role in the offense.

Recently two names have been added to the list are Tajae Sharpe (last of the Tennessee Titans) and Dante Pettis (last of the San Francisco 49ers).

Tajae Sharpe

Photo: Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Sharpe, 27, was a 2016 round 5 pick. Over his 6-year career, he has spent time in Tennessee as well as Minnesota and Atlanta, mainly as a minor option.

Though he’s only been a starter two of his four years in Tennessee, where arguably his best year had 41 receptions, 522 yards, and 2 TDs, he has still shown relatively strong ability as an outside pass-catcher, a position of need in Chicago.

Dante Pettis

Meanwhile, Pettis is another slot guy, but he was once a touted pick garnering a second-round selection in 2018. Pettis’ rookie season was easily his best year, putting up 467 yards and 5 TDs on 27 receptions, but since then, he has had much going on, combining for 185 yards and 3 TDs on 15 receptions over his next 3 years.

Again, he, like Sharpe, has had flashes in his career enough to catch the attention of our new GM Ryan Poles.

All in all, these guys, as I said, are prove-it guys and are mostly here to provide more competition and depth for the receiving corps, and in the Bears’ current state, that’s a good move when you look at it.
You’re not going to be able to completely revamp this team in one year so grab some cheaper bridge players while you build and give guys like Pettis and Sharpe a chance to remake themselves in the process.

Featured Image: Jack Thomas/Getty Images
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