The Chicago White Sox are one of the most historical organizations in the United States. They’ve been competing in Major League Baseball since the start of the 20th century, first playing in 1901.
Over that time, they’ve won championships, experienced hard times, and had some of the greatest players in the history of baseball walk through their door. With an organization as longstanding and proud as the White Sox, there’s a lot to know about the individual player histories.

The White Sox have had numerous Hall of Fame baseball players throughout their years, and they have several current superstars that may wind up in Cooperstown themselves.

Baseball is a deep-seated part of the Chicago identity, and that is why fans and enthusiasts consistently place bets on both team and player performance, using resources like Betpicks to guide their decision-making.

Whether you enjoy betting on the Sox or just watching, let’s look back at their great history with the ten greatest White Sox players of all time.

1) Luke Appling

Luke Appling is a legendary Hall of Famer that played 20 seasons in the Major League, all for the Chicago White Sox. He was a legendary shortstop known for his ability to get on base.

He hit over .300 for his career and was playing for the White Sox deep into his 30s and 40s. While he never won a ring with the team, he is an iconic player whose jersey is retired.

2) Frank Thomas

Known as the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas was an absolute powerhouse of a player who is the greatest home-run hitter in the history of the franchise.

He played for 15 years on the South Side and was an iconic legend that won the MVP twice and contributed to the team that won the 2005 World Series. He is likely the best hitter in the history of the White Sox.

3) Ted Lyons

Ted Lyons is another iconic figure that spent a huge period of time playing for the White Sox. He is a legendary Hall of Fame pitcher that spent all 21 of his MLB seasons pitching for the Sox.

He led the AL in wins in two different years, pitched a no-hitter for the team, and took over as the team’s manager after retiring.

4) Wilbur Wood

Photo: Baseball Hall of Fame

While Wilbur Wood doesn’t have the longevity of some other figures on this list, he pitched for the White Sox from 1967-to 78 and had the best years of his career as a knuckleballer.

He was a three-time All-Star, led the AL in wins twice, and became a highly popular and celebrated figure.

5) Mark Buehrle

While Mark Buehrle may not make the hall of fame, he will forever be a Chicago White Sox legend. He pitched for the team from 2000-to 2011, and his career was full of milestones.

He was a dominant pitcher that helped lead the team to the 2005 World Series, pitched a perfect game and no-hitter for the Sox, and was a four-time All-Star.

6) Eddie Cicotte

Eddie Cicotte is a White Sox legend that pitched with the White Sox from 1912-to 20. He was a dominant pitcher for the Sox, twice leading the AL in wins and once leading it with the lowest ERA.

He was part of the 1917 Championship, which was marred by a fixing scandal that got Cicotte banned from the sport.

7) Eddie Collins

Collins had an illustrious career that included six world series championships, including one with the Sox.

He was a legendary batter that crossed 3,000 hits and served as the manager of the White Sox for several years following his retirement. He is a major league Hall of Famer.

8) Minnie Minoso

Minnie Minoso was a baseball legend that played more than ten seasons for the White Sox at a time of great racism and difficulty.

His talent helped him make the major league following the breaking of the color barrier in baseball, and he had a legendary Hall of Fame career and has his number retired by the White Sox. He is a franchise icon.

9) Robin Ventura

Ventura played for the White Sox from 1989-to 98 and also served as the team’s manager from 2012-to 2016. He experienced most of his best years with the Sox, making an All-Star team and winning five Gold Gloves with the Sox.

He overcame some tough slumps in his career to be an iconic Sox player and a great part of the franchise.

10) Fielder Jones

While Fielder Jones was a successful player throughout his career, it is his role as the player-manager of the legendary White Sox teams of the early 20th century that defined him.

He both played and managed for the Sox as the “Hitless Wonders” won the 1906 World Series Championship.

Featured Image: Baseball Hall of Fame
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