Many times this off-season Bears media has mentioned Fields taking that next step with the departure of Andy Dalton and the QB carousel under Matt Nagy. With those two out of the picture Fields can now take the reigns of this team like a true QB1, and in all of the team events so far it appears he has.

It’s been made clear by coach Eberflus and the players that Justin Fields is really embracing his role as the, now uncontested, leader of the offense as well as the team. In interviews from training camps many teammates have lauded Fields for his ability to really take command on the field. Bears tight end Cole Kmet has said of Justin in camp this year, “he’s just been great in terms of being vocal to everybody and being demonstrative about what he wants from everybody.” Even new addition to the team DT Justin Jones has said that he feels Fields is a, “legit field general.”

I think it’s this big step, coming from a sort of unsure role in year one to bonafide starter and leader in year two, that really gives Justin that jump up from where he was last year and what he’ll be capable of this year and going forward. Back in February Fields had said himself coming into this new year, “now that I am starting off the season as a starting quarterback, I think I’ll be more comfortable playing that leader role.” Being more comfortable with where he stands with the team is crucial in building confidence and ultimately developing into what the Bears and their fans hope Fields can be, a top level NFL quarterback.

As Justin Fields continues to work with the new staff I think his comfort in taking control and running this offense will only increase. Come time for the regular season I’d be willing to bet we will start to see a whole new Justin Fields out there, and his strides as reported on this far are why.


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