Anthony Rizzo, one of the cornerstones to the Cubs breaking the 108-year-old curse, faced the Cubs for the first time since being traded to the Yankees.

It was an emotional weekend for Rizzo, as the Cubs traveled to Yankee Stadium, and Rizzo was greeted by familiar faces.

Rizzo had one of the best tenures with the northside in recent memory.

Rizzo joined the Cubs in early January 2012 at the young age of 21. In the trade with the Padres, the Cubs acquired Rizzo and righty pitcher Zach Cates. The Padres acquired pitcher Andrew Cashner and outfielder Kyung-Min Na. The trade began an era for the Cubs, as Rizzo became the everyday starter and blossomed into a perennial all-star. The Cubs struggled in the first few seasons, but many critical draft picks and trades put the Cubs in contention in 2015.

In 2016, the Cubs won it all, a lot in part to do with Rizzo’s consistent play.

Rizzo sheds light on his time with the Cubs and the 2016 run: “It’ll never be forgotten. It’s the friendships and the camaraderie you build in the clubhouse that make everything so much better.”

Post-2016 Cubs didn’t play as consistently. The Cubs lost in the NLCS in 2017 and lost in the wildcard round in 2018.

During these seasons, Rizzo made it obvious he wanted to stay a Cub for life. Rizzo and management couldn’t agree on a contract extension, and he was traded mid-season 2021 to the New York Yankees. During the 2021 off-season, the Cubs had a chance to resign the 1st baseman; however, the Yankees picked him back up on a 2-year, 32 million dollar deal.

The extension is boding well for the Bronx Bombers, as Rizzo is a huge reason for the Yankees’ success.

This weekend the Yankees swept the Cubs 3-0, including two blowout wins. 


In the first game, the Cubs handled the Yankees’ sluggers, only allowing two runs in a 2-1 loss. Rizzo went 0-4 in the loss with a walk.

In the next two games, Rizzo and the Yankees dominated the Cubs.

The Yankees defeated the Cubs 8-0 in the second game. The Bronx Bombers hit six solo home runs, including one from Anthony Rizzo.

In the final game, the Yankees destroyed the Cubs 18-4. Rizzo got back in the action, going 2-6 with one RBI.

These are the first three games where Rizzo played the Cubs since being traded, and Rizzo took advantage of it.

There’s still a chance Rizzo can return to the northside, but he’s on a winning team in New York. 

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