Rebuild or Re Tool?


This weekend the Cubs will be playing one of the hottest teams in baseball, the Atlanta Braves.


The Braves are currently on a 14 game winning streak. The Cubs meanwhile are on a 10 game losing streak. This is some of the worst baseball the Cubs have played since before the Theo and Jed era.

The Cubs have been starting games just fine, the issue is anything after the 4th inning. 

According to Team Rankings, they are the best offense in the MLB for the first 4 innings. They have averaged 2.47 runs in those innings.

That number on its own looks great. Scoring 2-3 runs in the first four innings and having a lead? 


The Cubs’ defense has allowed an average of 2.42 runs during the first four innings.

The Cubs are currently 17 games under 500, and in the past 365 days are 56 and 101.

If we look at the first 60 games for the past 10 years, thanks to Uncle Jeff on Twitter, we haven’t had a start like this since 2014.

Fans have been hearing this is NOT a rebuild, but if it looks like a rebuild, and the team is performing like a rebuild, then I think it’s a rebuild.

Today Jed Hoyer talked with the media before the game versus the Padres. “I talk to Tom (Ricketts) and Crane (Kenney) all the time. Everyone has questions. I have questions. Rossy has questions. You’d be sort of not paying attention or not doing your job if you’re not asking questions about why we’re struggling in certain areas.”

To me, that doesn’t sound like someone with a plan to make this team a little bit competitive. 

According to team historian Ed Hartig, the Cubs’ -49 run differential against the Yankees and Padres this week set a franchise low for back-to-back series.

Yes, the Cubs may be missing some pieces on the field, but are they really going to make that big of a difference, that the team will magically turn it around?

I’m hopeful that they can at least turn it around and win a game here and there, and not finish last behind the Reds.

Earlier this year, when I made my predictions about where the Cubs would finish, and how the season would go, I was optimistic. Given what we saw, when healthy, this team could have finished above the over/under 79.5 wins. After almost two full months of games, and all the injuries, I am not sure we even get to 60. 


I am very worried about the players that are healthy and playing really good baseball Cough Willson Contreras Cough. At this point there have been rumors that he will be traded before the August 2nd deadline. 

If the Cubs have any hope in keeping fans coming to the park, they need to extend the heart and soul of that clubhouse ASAP.

If they trade him, or even let him go this offseason, the fans may call for Ricketts’ head.


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