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A couple notes on Madden ratings. Madden likes to keep players fairly close to where they finished the regular season the year before- very few offseason events will alter a player’s rating drastically. That said, they do use the offseason time to account for overcorrections, age regressions, opportunity, and situation. They use these player ratings to create team ratings and auto depth charts- if this leads to out of wack results, they have been known to alter them. Here, a player’s original Madden 22 rating (preseason 2021), where applicable, is listed under OR, then their final Madden 22 rating (Week 18 2021) is listed under ER, then my projection of their Madden 23 pre-season rating is bolded and listed under PR. My predictions are based on these previous ratings, my knowledge of EA’s rating system, particularly how it regards young players, my personal opinion of some players, and my personal projections of the depth chart.


As far as housekeeping, here’s some things to keep in mind. Madden uses a tiered system to track player potential- players who they do not project to improve or break out are given “normal development”, while ascending breakouts and established high floor players are given ‘star’. Most highly drafted rookies are given ‘star’, particularly on teams where they have little competition to start (here I project them to give all three Bears’ Day 2 picks ‘star’). Great players in the prime of their career at the top tier of their position usually get ‘superstar’ (Roquan Smith is the only one I predicted this for here). The 50 best players in football get ‘X-Factor’ (I do not project the Bears to have any of these). In this article, ‘normal’ players are given no highlight while ‘star’ players are given silver, ‘superstars gold’, and ‘X-Factors’, if there were any, red.


Here we go!



Justin Fields: OR- 74, ER-75, PR- 76

Trevor Siemian: OR- 58, ER- 61, PR- 62

Nathan Peterman: PR- 57

David Montgomery: OR- 82, ER- 83, PR- 84

Khalil Herbert: OR- 70, ER- 73, PR- 75

Darrynton Evans: OR- 69, ER- 69, PR- 68

Trestan Ebner: PR- 66

DeMontre Tuggle: PR- 62


Khari Blasingame: OR- 72, ER- 72, PR- 72


Darnell Mooney: OR- 78, ER- 79, PR- 81

Byron Pringle: OR- 69, ER- 75, PR- 76

Velus Jones Jr: PR- 71

Equanimeous St. Brown: OR- 68, ER- 68, PR- 68

Tajae Sharpe: OR- 69, ER- 69, PR- 68

Dazz Newsome: PR- 65

Dante Pettis: OR- 71, ER- 72, PR- 69

David Moore: PR- 67

Nsimba Webster: OR- 63, PR- 63


Cole Kmet: OR- 72, ER- 73, PR- 74

Ryan Griffin: OR- 69, ER- 69, PR-70

James O’Shaughnessy: OR- 69, ER- 70, PR- 68

Chase Allen: PR- 64


Larry Borom: OR- 60, ER- 63, PR- 66

Julie’en Davenport: OR- 63, ER- 63, PR- 64

Braxton Jones: PR- 63


Cody Whitehair: OR- 81, ER- 80, PR- 80

Ja’Tyre Carter: PR- 63

Willie Wright: PR- 58


Lucas Patrick: OR- 68, ER- 70, PR- 70

Doug Kramer: PR- 60

Dieter Eiselsen: PR- 59


Sam Mustipher: OR- 64, ER- 65, PR- 67

Dakota Dozier: OR- 63, ER- 63, PR- 64

Zachary Thomas: PR- 64


Teven Jenkins: OR- 70, ER- 71, PR- 69

Lachavious Simmons: OR- 57, ER- 56, PR- 58

Jean DeLance: PR- 59


Al-Quadin Muhammad: OR- 72, ER- 71, PR- 72

Mario Edwards: OR- 72, ER- 72, PR- 70

Sam Kamara: PR- 61

Carson Taylor: PR-60


Robert Quinn: OR- 76, ER- 84, PR- 83

Trevis Gipson: OR- 65, ER- 75, PR- 76

Dominique Robinson: PR- 63

Charles Snowden: PR- 59


Justin Jones: OR- 72, ER- 72, PR- 74

Angelo Blackson: OR- 68, ER- 69, PR- 71

Khyiris Tonga: OR- 67, ER-67, PR- 68

Mike Pennel: OR- 75, ER- 73, PR- 70

Auzoyah Alufohai: PR- 63

LaCale London: PR- 61


Nicholas Morrow: OR- 71, ER- 71, PR- 72

Caleb Johnson: OR- 58, ER- 58, PR- 61


Roquan Smith: OR- 88, ER- 89, PR- 90

Joe Thomas: PR- 63

Noah Dawkins: PR- 64


Matthew Adams: OR- 66, ER- 66, PR- 67

Jack Sanborn: PR- 66

Christian Albright: PR- 61


Jaylon Johnson: OR- 77, ER- 82, PR- 83

Kyler Gordon: PR- 73

Tavon Young: OR- 77, ER- 75, PR- 74

Thomas Graham: PR- 69

Kindle Vildor: OR- 67, ER- 66, PR- 66

Duke Shelley: OR- 65, ER- 70, PR- 69

Lamar Jackson: PR- 65

BoPete Keyes: PR- 61

Allie Green: PR- 63


Eddie Jackson: OR- 89, ER- 87, PR- 86

DeAndre Houston-Carson: OR- 64, ER- 68, PR- 68

Elijah Hicks: PR- 64


Jaquan Brisker:

Dane Cruikshank: OR- 69, ER- 69, PR- 69

Michael Joseph: PR- 63

AJ Thomas: PR- 61


Cairo Santos: OR- 77, ER- 77, PR- 78


Trenton Gill: PR- 68


My Results give the Bears a 74 Offense, a 77 Defense, and a 76 Team OVR, likely to be one of the worst starting teams in the game and 3 overall points lower than they were in 2021.

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