Earlier today the Chicago Bears unveiled a new alternate uniform for the 2022-2023 season. To be worn for two games, one against the Washington Commanders week six and the other against the Dallas Cowboys week 8, the alternate uniform features the recently revived orange jerseys along with white pants and an all new orange helmet. That’s right, an ORANGE HELMET.

The change to the Bears helmet, be it only for two games, is the first since the 1973 season. Basically a reverse of the standard Bears helmet, the alternate is primarily orange with the iconic wishbone style “C” in navy blue and outlined in white paired with a navy face mask.

With several teams taking advantage of now being allowed an alternate helmet George McCaskey and the Chicago Bears saw this as an opportunity to, “make enhancements to the existing look.” However, the Bears will not be changing their historic look full time any time soon. While the Bears chairman is open to occasional modifications he has also stated, “we believe we have the best uniforms in sports, certainly among the most iconic, so we’re not looking to overhaul it.”

It’s been said that Bears’ brass is excited about the new look and how it still stays close to tradition but adds some modern flare. The reaction among fans so far is fairly mixed. Some fans love the pop of the new unis while others feel the all orange look is a bit too much. I myself am split on how I feel about these new alternates. I’m honestly a sucker for tradition and don’t care for huge changes in classic designs, so this uniform walks a fine line between too much and just right. I guess we’ll just have to see how the new duds look in action this October.


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