PlayerPositionMadden 22 RatingProjected RatingMadden 23 RatingAccuracy
Justin FieldsQB74767497.4%
Trevor SiemianQB58626198.4%
Nathan PetermanQB574986.0%
David MontgomeryHB828484100.0%
Khalil HerbertHB70757397.3%
Darrynton EvansHB69686998.5%
Trestan EbnerHB666598.5%
Khari BlasingameFB727272100.0%
Darnell MooneyWR78817997.5%
Byron PringleWR69767598.7%
Dante PettisWR71697492.8%
N’Keal HarryWR74737298.6%
Tajae SharpeWR69687097.1%
Velus Jones JrWR716997.2%
David MooreWR676997.0%
Equanimeous St. BrownWR686868100.0%
Dazz NewsomeWR656796.9%
Nsimba WebsterWR63636793.7%
Cole KmetTE727575100.0%
James O’ShaughnessyTE69687097.1%
Ryan GriffinTE69706998.6%
Teven JenkinsLT70697295.7%
Braxton JonesLT636596.8%
Juli’en DavenportLT63646296.9%
Cody WhitehairLG818080100.0%
Dakota DozierLG63646398.4%
Ja’Tyre CarterLG6363100.0%
Sam MustipherC64676597.0%
Doug KramerC606395.0%
Lucas PatrickRG68707395.7%
Zachary ThomasRG6464100.0%
Willie WrightRG585798.3%
Larry BoromRT60666598.5%
Shon ColemanRT575898.2%
Lachavious SimmonsRT57585798.3%
Trevis GipsonLE65767598.7%
Al Quadin MuhammadLE727272100.0%
Sam KamaraLE615793.4%
Robert QuinnRE768383100.0%
Dominique RobinsonRE636596.8%
Charles SnowdenRE596294.9%
Justin JonesDT72747398.6%
Mike PennelDT75707297.1%
Mario EdwardsDT72707297.1%
Angelo BlacksonDT68716895.8%
Khyiris TongaDT67686798.5%
LaCale LondonDT615996.7%
Joe ThomasLOLB637088.9%
Matthew AdamsLOLB66676898.5%
Nicholas MorrowMLB71727198.6%
Caleb JohnsonMLB58616098.4%
CJ AveryMLB585998.3%
Roquan SmithROLB88908998.9%
Noah DawkinsROLB6464100.0%
Jack SanbornROLB666395.5%
Jaylon JohnsonCB77838298.8%
Tavon YoungCB77747598.6%
Kyler GordonCB737197.3%
Duke ShelleyCB65697098.6%
Thomas GrahamCB66696898.6%
Greg StromanCB636793.7%
Kindle VildorCB67666798.5%
Lamar JacksonCB656295.4%
BoPete KeysCB616298.4%
Michael JosephCB635993.7%
Eddie JacksonFS89868396.5%
DeAndre Houston-CarsonFS64687294.1%
Elijah HicksFS656498.5%
Jaquan BriskerSS747398.6%
Dane CruikshankSS696969100.0%
Jaylon JonesSS626398.4%
Cairo SantosK77787798.7%
Trenton GillP686998.5%


You can find my full projections from June here.



  • It’s been said to death, but Darnell Mooney is at least an 80 overall player. I guessed he’d be an 81 and right in that 81-82 range is where I’d put him. He’s put in enough quality years to earn it. He is not a 1 and does not make a game wrecking impact, so I wouldn’t push him up to the mid-80s. But he deserve a bump.
  • Eddie Jackson dropped even more precipitously than I had expected- it’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve it, but I did not see that coming.
  • Roquan’s grade caused much consternation- perhaps he deserved a one point bump to 90, but I am largely alright with that rating. They have hm play WILL a la Darius Leonard, which is interesting and also means his rating will be lower at MIKE by a point or two.
  • Dante Pettis going up from his beginning and end of season rating last eyar is insane to me. There’s a real shot he doesn’t even make this team- how is he a the third best receiver by rating?
  • Joe Thomas’s rating is surprising and likely a veteran handout. In franchise mode he likely Is not starting for me, or being kept longer than this year. I also suspect that to be the case in real life.
  • That DT spot is brutal but fair.
  • I thought the Bears would receive a little bump to even out how rough the roster would be by last year’s ratings. They didn’t, and are one of the 5 worst teams in Madden with a 75 OVR offense and a 69 OVR defense.
  • Notable traits for Rookies
    • Jaquan Brisker’s 87 Hit Power makes him a real hit stick enforcer on this defense
    • Kyler Gordon’s speed is underwhelming, but his agility, change of direction, and jumping are top tier for a corner.
    • Velus Jones Jr.’s Madden speed and acceleration is legit, but his low agility, change of direction, spectacular catch and route running in the short and intermediate makes him a difficult in game play on anything other than go balls, which I think is reflective of real life. His return, however, is far too low at 79.
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