After sitting out for the last 5 practices due to an unknown issue it looks like the Bears are considering a trade involving 2nd year OT Teven Jenkins.

Jenkins, drafted in the 2nd round at 39th overall just a little over year ago now, is rumored to be of sizable concern to the new Bears brass. The young OT out of Oklahoma State University hasn’t suited up for the Bears since the start of camp. Reports coming from the organization thus far do not clarify as to why Jenkins has sat out, but many have speculated that the reason involves issues between the o-lineman and the team.

Through a good chunk of the off-season questions have swirled around Teven Jenkins and his standing with the new regime. Right from the start GM Ryan Poles didn’t seem to have the same high regard for Jenkins that Ryan Pace and co. did. And now it looks like there’s a good reason Poles wasn’t all in on what many saw as a sure starter going into this season. Maturity issues have been brought into question with the 24 year old.

When you add maturity issues to the already possible health/injury concerns it’s easy to see why Poles and the Bears think it best to move on. The Bears have already been burned by injury prone players in the past, and maturity issues have a poor track record when it comes to improving over time. With teams already showing some interest in Jenkins now could be the time to see what the OT can fetch at market.

All the concerns already said the Bears should still looks to get a good return for Jenkins. The alleged maturity problem aside Teven Jenkins was a touted prospect at OT in his draft class. In the 6 games Jenkins played for Chicago he did show some signs of promise on the field and at his young age it’s that promise that teams interested in this trade hope will outweigh any concerns that come with the former 2nd rounder.

Trades of this kind are always a bit of a gamble for both sides. The Bears could end up dealing away a future star lineman, just as the team that pulls the trigger could end up with a dud. Just a year away from wing taken in the 2nd round I think it’s fair for the bears to ask for a 3rd or, at least, a 4th round pick. Whether or not the market feels the same way is yet to be seen.


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