It is that time of year again. Time to prepare for your upcoming fantasy football draft. Will you put together a winning roster like Brad Pitt in Moneyball or be stuck taking the ACT in February?



Most seasoned fantasy team owners know not to take a quarterback in the first round. Aside from dual threats like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, QBs have similar production in terms of fantasy points.


Running backs and receivers, however, drop off steeply. It’s generally better to pick up a Jonathan Taylor or Ja’Marr Chase than spend early on a hyped-up quarterback. Many QBs who fly under the radar will deliver consistent performances week to week.


Justin Fields is an exciting option for a huge return on investment. Yes, the Bears have a patchwork offensive line and receiving corps, but Fields had even less help last year and showed flashes of his potential against quality teams like San Francisco.


Matt Nagy’s negative impact on last year’s offense cannot be overstated. Recently, Mitch Trubisky reflected on how the Bears misused him. Unlike the Buffalo, where Josh Allen is empowered to play to his strengths, Trubisky says the Bears wanted him to play “the coaches’ game.”


Hopefully, the new Chicago regime will let Fields cook and we will see more performances like he had against the 49ers. The Bears will see them again to open 2022 followed by the sixth easiest schedule for quarterbacks. That means Fields can tee off against the Texans, Commanders, Jets, Falcons, Eagles, Giants, Dolphins, and of course the Lions twice.


For Fantasy owners, his current undervaluation is a potential goldmine. The easy schedule sets the floor relatively high, and you won’t have to spend an early draft pick to snatch him up. If all goes well, Fields could be the best-value pick of the 2022-2023 fantasy season.


Good luck, everyone. Bear Down.



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