Hard to believe it, but the NFL season is already reaching its midpoint. Many experts predicted the Bears to win three games all year, and while not triumphant, Chicago has already reached that mark.

The offense has shown consistent growth despite glaring holes in the roster, posting back-to-back high scoring games. Justin Fields surpassed 23 PPR fantasy points for only the second and third times in his career. According to QB1, the offense is borrowing schemes from teams with similarly talented quarterbacks like the Ravens.

Following abysmal performances earlier in the year, the offense seems more intent on playing to Fields’ strengths- using him as a designed runner and rolling him out. This same approach held the answers for unlocking Josh Allen’s potential in Buffalo and should be a welcome sign of what is to come in Chicago.

Still, the 2022-2023 season is a rebuilding year. Looking at the upcoming slate, there are a few tough matchups along with some easier opponents. Let’s take a look:

Nov. 6 Dolphins @ Bears

The Dolphins have been hit or miss, but Tyreek Hill is having a monster season. Despite adding two defensive backs in the draft, Chicago is still at least a cornerback away from slowing down high-powered air attacks.

Nov. 13 Lions @ Bears

The Lions are frisky, so this is by no means an easy win. With Jared Goff at the helm, Detroit dropped one-score contests to the Eagles, Vikings, Seahawks, and Dolphins. Still, Detroit has won only one game this year and got blanked by the Patriots, so it really comes down to how they show up on any given day.

Nov. 20 Bears @ Falcons

The NFC South is a trainwreck (no, the NFC North isn’t much better). It’s an easily winnable game against a team many expected would draft Fields in 2021. Hailing from the Atlanta area, this game should mean a little more to QB1. Expect him to be at his best.

Nov. 27 Bears @ Jets

Another hit or miss team. One week they are beating up on the Packers. Then, two weeks later they lose to the Patriots. Fields is currently 3-0 against QBs from his draft class and needs to knock off Zach Wilson before setting up an epic Super Bowl showdown with Trevor Lawrence. OK, I may be getting ahead of myself.

Dec. 4 Packers @ Bears

Watching the Packers collapse as the Bears find their way is incredibly satisfying. The icing on the cake would be to pick up a win here at home. Aaron Rodgers has been out of sync with his offense and the next four weeks will show loudly if the problem gets better or worse.

Dec. 18 Eagles @ Bears

Eagles are one of the few juggernauts this year. Many Bears fans were happy to see Robert Quinn go to a Super Bowl-contender. It should be a similar sight to the Cowboys game last weekend.

Dec. 24 Bills @ Bears

See above but probably worse.

Jan. 1 Bears @ Lions

Neither team will have much on the line in this game, but it could be a good measuring stick for two rebuilding teams. Coming off three tough games in a row, this should feel like a JV scrimmage if the Bears can remain healthy.  

Jan. 8 Vikings @ Bears

By this point, the Vikings should be preparing to don their Division Champions gear and look ahead to the playoffs. Considering how close the game was in Minnesota, the Bears have a realistic shot to pull this one out.



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