Struggling to Find Consistency

The Chicago Bulls are 6-6 to start the season. They have shown the ability to pull off big wins, but they have also showed inconsistency. The Chicago Bulls went 3-2 in the past week, pulling off a big win on TNT against the nets, but then falling to the Celtics on Friday on ESPN. Solid play has been presented clearly, as seen last night against the Toronto Raptors when the Bulls pulled off a 14 point victory. The Bulls need to keep playing at a high level night in and night out if they want to make a run in the East. The Bulls will take on the Pelicans and the Nuggets, who have the reigning MVP, in the upcoming week. Both will be matchups that will require the Bulls to come out with high energy and play at full volume from start to finish.

LaVine Plays Back to Back

Zach LaVine played in a back to back earlier this week on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but went on to only play one night against the Raptors in that back to back series. LaVine being able to play a back to back was a good sign that his knee is ready for more activity. He was not able to play both back to backs during the week, but played to his best ability Monday night, dropping 30 points in a Bulls victory. The Bulls will not play another back to back until December, which hopefully means that LaVine won’t have to miss too many games over the next month.

Photo: Bleacher Report
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