The Bears lose another game, but in good fashion.

Offensive struggles have not been a problem for Chicago the last three weeks. Justin Fields has broken FIVE NFL records. Due to the surrounding roster, Luke Getsy has conducted the #1 rushing attack in the leauge. Looking back to the game v.s Detroit, it is clear the defense is young and raw. Without many snaps between the three rookie starters, with the addtion of D. Robinson being in that rotation, it is going to take some time for everything to come together.

We as Bears fans came into the season ranked as one of the worst offense’s in the leauge. Yesterday, the Bears became the first team to lose three games in a row while scoring 30 points in each contest. We as fans have to understand this is the most ideal rebuilding project possible for Ryan Poles. The Bears have moved into the 6th spot in the 2023 draft after the loss. With a shot at one of the best players coming out of the draft next year, this could be a chance to finally get Justin the guy at left tackle or wide receiver.

A name that Bear fans should be watching for is a kid Poles and Ian Cunningham had a chance to get an indepth scouting report on. This kid is from Northwestern and is though to be one of the best left tackles in all of football. Peter Skoronski is the name. After reviewing many games and closely taking the OSU game into consideration, the hype around Peter could very well be legit. Justin has confirmed he is the undoubtley a franchise QB, it will be all up to Poles & company to surround him with the supporting cast he deserves.

Looking forward into next week, the Falcons did not play their best game last Thursday. Look for them come out strong against the Bears. We have to remind ourselves that each NFL game is different and take into consideration that winning is not something is easily conqured.



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