I really don’t have much to say on this one if I’m being honest. The Bears lose another close winnable game this week in Atlanta. There were still some high points in the game but definitely many lows to go along with them.

Coming into this week the Bears offense has been on fire putting up 30+ points, or close to, in their past 4 games. That streak ended here as some struggles reappeared, largely with the offensive line and offensive coordinator  Luke Getsy.

The offensive line had an absolutely horrid showing in Atlanta. Justin Fields was under serious pressure on almost every drop back it felt like, and I think the 4 sacks are evidence of that. Two guys that seemed to be recurring problems were guard Michael Schofield and, to no surprise, center Sam Mustipher. Both interior linemen looked like revolving doors out there allowing four man rushes to get to Fields time and time again.

This poor play by the line was not aided by Luke Getsy’s play calling either. Another big reason for the constant pressure on Fields was the uninspiring play calling by the first year OC. Not much was done in the way of scheming guys open forcing the Bears into a predictable run heavy offense. Now of course the Bears have been pretty run heavy all year, but in recent games they had the threat of hitting a deep pass play to keep defenses on their toes. That was certainly not the case today.

I would think it’s safe to say Getsy and the Bears were relying too much on Justin Fields running attack and the Falcons really keyed in on that. Fields had more carries than RB David Montgomery. I know there’s been a lot of success with Fields on the ground, but if there’s not balance the opponent knows what to look for and Getsy has to realize that. Calling back to back designed runs in a two minute drill with a banged up QB (who had to carted off the field at the end of the game) is just terrible play calling point blank period.

Luke Getsy has gotten a lot of praise for the past couple weeks, and rightfully so, but this was an absolute stinker of a game by him. It’s time to get a little more creative and take some of the pressure off of your franchise quarterback before you get him killed.

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