This past week was the first time all season Justin Fields had to miss a game with an injury, and the results were… awful. If anything came from that game, it was the knowledge that the Bears have zero chance of winning a game if Justin isn’t playing. However, maybe at this point it would be wise to consider this reality a good thing. In this article, I will outline the case for resting Justin Fields for the rest of the season and fully embracing the tank.


Don’t risk his health for meaningless games

Even though statistically the Bears aren’t eliminated from contention, everyone and their mother knows that the Bears would be lucky to sniff 5 wins. While I’m all about developing possibly the greatest QB in the history of the franchise, I’m also fully against risking his long-term health so that he could maybe break some records in a gap season. I have no doubt in my mind that Justin could tough out the rest of the season; we’ve seen him play through worse. However, I just don’t see the point of putting your injured young star out to get beheaded behind a mediocre O-line.


To me, his last 7 games were enough to sell me on his talent 10 times over, and I don’t think he needs to prove anything over the next few weeks. So, If I’m Coach Eberflus, I’m 100% ok with subjecting the fanbase to a few games of the human interception himself: Nathan Peterman. I also believe the Bears will look into free agency for a rental QB soon, as long as the health of QB1 isn’t jeopardized for meaningless wins.


Praise the Draft Stock

As it stands, the Bears are in line for the number 2 pick in the draft, which would be their highest pick since the infamous 2017 draft. With a roster so diminished from the Nagy/Pace era, the draft is absolutely essential, and this year’s class is loaded with high-end talent. Whether the Bears want to go big with Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter, or trade down and prioritize offensive talent with Peter Skoronski or Jaxon Smith-Njigba, there are so many options for the Bears. With that being said, the draft stock should be priority number 1 at the moment, and Justin playing jeopardizes that. 


The player that single-handedly almost beat 2 Superbowl contenders in the Dolphins and Vikings could easily pick off a couple of wins the rest of the season. This would be disastrous for the Bears, as every meaningless win pushes them further from a potential top-3 pick. 


I want nothing more than the watch Justin Fields ball out every Sunday, but I realize that we’ll hopefully get to see that for the next 10+ years. If the Bears are smart, they won’t put their future up in the air for a few meaningless wins this season. At this point, the less chance we have of winning games, the better. All that being said, Justin going out and beating the Packers tomorrow would be so worth it.


Photo credit: Josh Schrock

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