After a sixth straight loss, the best thing the Bears can do now is to continue to lose and hope they land a top 3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

With the way things have looked lately, I think there’s a pretty high possibility they end up doing just that.

What do they do with that pick? Well, they have a few interesting options for sure.

Option 1: The Bears use their pick (currently projected #2 overal) to select Alabama defensive end Will Anderson Jr.. Anderson is a premier pass rusher who has spent three seasons at Alabama. In his three seasons he has amassed 204 total tackles, 34.5 sacks, and 2 takeaways. Many analysts have Anderson as a top 3 prospect in the 2023 draft, and his stats clearly back that up. The Bears have struggled with getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks, a problem Anderson could assuredly help fix.

Option 2: The Bears use the pick on Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter. Carter is another defensive prospect that has shown up in many analysts’ top fives. If drafted by the Bears, just like Anderson, he could be a big help on the defensive front. In his three seasons at Georgia Carter has 80 total tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 takeaways. While the numbers don’t quite jump at you like Anderson’s you have to remember this is an interior defensive lineman unlike Anderson who plays on the outside. Carter’s physicality at the position has been very clear and he brings a lot to the front line.

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Option 3: With many teams reported to be looking for a QB in this draft the Bears could take advantage of that and trade back and gain some draft picks. Teams like Detroit, Carolina, Indianapolis, and Atlanta could look to move up and snag one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Now the outcome of this one depends on who makes the trade and where their pick sits. As it stands if you look at the teams I mentioned, the ones that seem to have the biggest need for a QB, Detroit has the 5th pick, Carolina has the 6th, Indy has the 10th, and Atlanta has the 12th (and of week 12). Of course things could change those standings in the coming weeks, but those are some decent landing spots in the Bears move back. As we’ve seen in the past it takes a haul to move into the top 3 so Chicago could be looking at a prime return while still having the ability to draft a top prospect. Guys like TCU receiver Quentin Johnston, Northwestern OT Peter Skoronski, or Clemson DE Myles Murphy could potentially still be in play for the Bears in a trade back.

Clearly, the Bears are a team that’s already looking like they’re on the up and up. Have a lot of great options to build on in the 2023 NFL Draft. I really don’t think they can go wrong with any of those three options.

In any case, they either land a premier pass rusher, a top defensive lineman, or a nice little haul of draft picks while still being able to address their needs.

It’s not fun watching the Bears lose, but it helps to know what it’s doing to help their future.

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