Bears Fans… Take a deep breath. After the first quarter, the Bears have played very solid football. Winning the time of possession battle and turning the ball over is something Coach Eberflus discussed in his press conferences earlier in the week. With Teven Jenkins exiting the game on the second play with a neck injury, Micheal Schofield will have to step up big for the rushing games success to continue to stay fluent.The announcers claimed the Bears played complimentary football in the first quarter.

With the second quarter underway Bear fans should be looking for the same game flow. Deanadre Houston Carson made a huge play on a Jalen Hurts pass, that ended in an interception. The first problem arose when the Bears were not able to come up with points after electing to punt the ball instead of kicking a field goal. The Bears field goal kicker has missed some notable PAT’s this season. The second quarter ended in the eagles favor as they scored a go ahead touchdown by Jalen Hurts.

After the half, the game shifted and we saw a much different style of play. The Eagles drove down the field and made the Bears defense look as if they didn’t know what was going on. On offense, The Bears were not as successful in the run game. In the 3rd quarter there was only one scoring drive from a 10 yard pass from Fields to David Montegomery. Making the score 17 to 13 eagles on top.

Lastly, in the fourth quarter we as Bears fans had hoped that just maybe the offense could get points on the board. All season both offense and defense have not been able to connect and find synchrony to complete a game together. The same problems arose in today’s game. 0 points converted off turnovers and unfortunately were unable to score when they needed to. For the Eagles to be the best team in the NFL right now, the Bears proved the win-loss record does not match their roster talents. It is also clear Justin Fields can be a franchise Quarterback for the Bears as his rushing efforts cannot be matched by ANYONE in the league but Lamar Jackson. Ultimately the Eagles have a very well rounded team with players who understand their coaching and have had a few years to develop that.

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