Taking Down the Defending Champions

A massive performance by Nikola Vucevic led to the Chicago Bulls snapping a 3 game losing steak on Sunday night, defeating the NBA champions in an authoritative fashion without star player DeMar DeRozan. The Bulls took down the Warriors, winning by 14 points. Chicago came off of a horrid losing streak, which featured the fan base voicing their frustrations about the team on Twitter. The Bulls have fallen into a trend of losing against struggling teams, but beating the more elite teams in the league. The Bulls have played down, or up to, the level of their competition. Bulls fans hope that the team is able to be more consistent, and play at their best level on a nightly basis.

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Nikola Vucevic tied his career high of 43 points Sunday afternoon, shooting 58% from the field. Vucevic has had a solid season, but the Bulls have needed him to be more aggressive in the paint on the offensive end. Vucevic building off this performance will allow the Bulls to have a consistent offensive threat

The Bulls Return to Paris

On Thursday, the Chicago Bulls will take on the Detroit Pistons in Paris, France at 2:30PM central time. This will mark the third game in Paris in Bulls franchise history. The Bulls previously played 2 games in Paris in 1997. The NBA will be returning to Paris for the first time since January 24, 2020, before the pandemic affected the NBA. The Bulls will be coming off of 4 days of rest, and should be energized despite having to travel to France. The Bulls will also be given a 3-day rest following the game, making this the only game that the Bulls will play this week. DeMar DeRozan has stated that he plans to return in Paris against the Pistons following his short 3 game absence. DeRozan had started in every game of the season up until the absence. DeRozan has gained some well needed rest, and recovery as the Bulls look to push themselves into the playoffs. Bulls fans expect a comfortable victory in Paris, but the Bulls will have to prove that they can deliver.

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