It’s the time of the year again when football fans gather in front of their screens to watch the most thrilling football action.
The Super Bowl is more than just a big title; it’s a tradition that binds the nation together while featuring the best teams in the National Football League (NFL).

The Super Bowl isn’t just for thrill-seekers and competitive spectators.

It’s also for those who have waited long to watch first-rate entertainment and even those new to the football scene.

There are countless reasons to watch the big game, but the ones we will mention here will hook even those who aren’t fascinated with the sport!

1) Halftime Show

Headlining the halftime show this year is the nine-time Grammy winner, “the Queen” herself, Rihanna. In previous interviews, Rihanna is doing intensive rehearsals and is looking forward to killing her performance during the big game. 

Riri said that she would “incorporate a lot of cultures” in her performance and would celebrate the music she has made through the show. Last January 13, 2023, Rihanna released the teaser for her performance. She appears as a silhouette against a white background in the trailer. You can hear the voiceover expressing excitement about her Super Bowl appearance.

2) You’re Among the Millions of Fans

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide annually. Over 112.3 million across all platforms tuned in to witness the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2022. 

It’s all part of the NFL’s preparation for the big game. What’s the best about it is that you could decide to tune in for this game even if you haven’t watched a single game all season.

3) The Commercials

Photo: Pixabay

Watching how much the most sought-after thirty seconds of advertising space costs each year in the Super Bowl is fascinating. Many Super Bowl ads are famous for their cinematography, unpredictability, bizarre humor, and stunning effects. Celebrity cameos are also prevalent in Super Bowl advertising.

Companies pay to advertise to over 100 million viewers. This staggering audience excludes live streaming, private parties, clubs, and restaurants displaying the game. These marketers recognize the returns and try to outdo their competitors by producing spoofs or hiring celebrities to attract buyers.

4) Old-Fashioned American Food

More than 60% of Americans want to watch TV on Sunday, and having food available is essential, according to a YouGov survey of over 1,200 people.

The Super Bowl is the ideal excuse for us to binge on some delicious, traditional American fare while we watch the athletes compete, yell at the TV in frustration, or experience nail-biting anxiety about who will win. Cookies, burgers, crackers, pizza, chicken wings, chips, and dip are some American foods you might serve on this holiday-like occasion.

5) The Novelty Bets

The Big Game offers various interesting prop bets in addition to the standard NFL and Super Bowl lines and odds betting. The coin toss is a fun novelty prop that can be as popular as the action props intended for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs game on February 13. Even the color of the Gatorade used by teams is up for wagering by spectators.

With the enormous number of Super Bowl prop bets available, you may wager on pretty much any game statistic. In fact, over a thousand different prop bets may be available before each Super Bowl, according to experts’ assumptions.

6) Beers!

Beer is still the drink of choice for Super Bowl parties and people watching the game at home by themselves. According to research from 2021 put together by Morning Consult, while 62% of those surveyed who planned to host a party said they would provide soda to their guests, beer is the alcoholic drink they will have available.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans drink an estimated 325 million gallons of beer, spending an estimated $1.3 billion on beer in the two weeks leading up to the big game. The average American would have to consume ten beer cans if you can trust these Super Bowl food and beverage statistics!

7) The Unpredictability

The outcome of the game is unpredictable, even though statistics can be used to predict certain aspects of the game. For example, in Super Bowl XLII, the heavy underdog New York Giants defeated the 12-point favorite New England Patriots by a score of 17-14, the largest upset in the history of the Super Bowl and one of the most stunning underdog victories in the history of any game.

Even though Philadelphia is predicted to win this 2023 match based on many experts’ predictions, we can only partially determine what will transpire on game day. To some extent, this heightens the emotion and suspense for the audience.


Super Bowl is the most-watched club sporting event worldwide.

It will not be a surprise if the viewership ratings this coming February 13 would break records.

This only shows that the Super Bowl isn’t called the “big game” for nothing.
It is an event with the biggest audience with big hearts for football.

Featured Image: Pixabay
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