The Madden NFL franchise has long stood as the epitome of sports video games, allowing fans to control their favorite teams and players through various game modes.

EA Sports released the first ratings for players in the highly anticipated Madden 24— starting with wide receivers and safeties.

To no one’s surprise, Chicago Bears players, including D.J. Moore, Jaquan Brisker, and Eddie Jackson, faced blatant disrespect from the now comical Madden Ratings Adjustors. 

Tyler Lockett falls at number 23 on Pro Football Focus’ list of receivers heading into 2023. D.J. Moore is ranked 16. Yet, according to Madden, Lockett is a top 15 receiver in the league with an overall rating of 89 compared to Moore’s 86. Not to mention, Lockett caught passes from a 2022 Pro Bowler while Moore was stuck with…checks notes…definitely not that. Clearly, Madden is once again valuing hype over reality. 

The consequences of these unfairly low ratings extend beyond mere numbers on a screen. Madden’s skewed ratings translate into a subpar gaming experience for Bears fans who want to simulate the excitement of watching their favorite team in action. It hampers their ability to effectively utilize their team’s strengths and achieve the desired outcome in the virtual field.

Justin Fields executes more spectacular plays in real life than is possible in the video game. He has quite prettily out-evolved Madden’s technology. 

Bears fans, known for their unwavering support and passionate loyalty, have taken to social media platforms to voice their discontent. Terms like “Bears Tax” circle around, and even D.J. Moore expressed his discontent.

Madden’s response?

“We don’t expect you to be in the 80s for long #Madden24.”


There is only one way to invoke change, and it is exactly what Ryan Poles is doing by bringing in D.J. Moore.

It’s time for the Bears to put on the greatest show anyone has ever seen and let the hype train roll into Chicago.

Photo: LockNation

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