It’s Tuesday, and it still feels like Luke Getsy just called another screen pass.
The game ended two days ago, and it feels like he just called another pitch play (into a loaded front).

All jokes aside, the Bears are fresh off one of the most disappointing losses in recent memory, a 38-20 loss to Green Bay on their home turf, and they need to make fundamental changes if they want to field a competitive roster this year.

Namely, they need to get back to the fundamentals, and that starts with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy on the offensive side of the ball.

The Bears’ offensive line might not be the best, but they have an extremely talented group of skill-position players on the offensive side of the ball. Getting them to play at a high level should not be difficult, although Getsy’s play-calling would suggest otherwise. Despite being down throughout the entire contest and having three vertical pass threats at receiver, the Bears only dialed up a handful of deep shots all game. One of them, a 20-yard strike to Darnell Mooney late in the third, was a play that Fields actually audibled into at the line of scrimmage.

The fact that DJ Moore had only two targets (and two catches) is inexcusable. That statistic becomes even wilder when you consider he had two catches for 102 yards in very limited action in the preseason. Moore is their best player on offense. They should be getting the ball into his hands as much as possible, and they are doing him a disservice by not doing so. Trevor Lawrence funneled targets to Calvin Ridley in his first game as a Jaguar. Ryan Tannehill did the same thing with DeAndre Hopkins in Tennessee. Good schemes maximize the potential of their top playmakers. Getsy hasn’t shown the ability to do that yet, which needs to change immediately.

Speaking of not putting players in a position to succeed, the Bears only ran one designed quarterback run against Green Bay.

Justin Fields showed massive growth when they finally leaned into his ability to run last year, and there is no reason they should disregard the value his legs bring to the offense. While he still ran for 59 yards by scrambling out of crumbling pockets when plays broke down, designed runs both maximize his dynamic playmaking ability and keep defenses honest.

Now, this article has been very anti-Getsy to this point, but the Bears’ offensive woes do not fall on his shoulders alone. The players need to do a better job of executing as well. The offensive line (especially the interior of it) spent as much time running backward in pass protection as they did facing the opposition, as they looked overwhelmed by Green Bay’s defensive front. Meanwhile, Fields also made a few poor decisions while in comeback mode after a hyper-efficient start. That also can’t happen.

While it’s unfair to put all the blame on Getsy, it is his responsibility to get the most out of everyone on the offensive side of the ball. The Bears closed the talent gap on the Packers this offseason. 38-20 is not an accurate representation of the quality of each team’s roster. However, if the Week One shellacking is any indication, it might be an accurate representation of the disparity between the two coaching staffs.

Many (including myself) questioned Matt LaFleur’s ability to succeed post-Aaron Rodgers. It was difficult to tell how much he had to do with their offensive success when they had a future Hall of Fame quarterback at the helm. However, those questions went out the door on Sunday. He’s a damn good head coach, and he put Jordan Love (a quarterback making his second career start) in a position to thrive. In fact, Green Bay still had 38 points despite Love leaving at least two touchdowns off the board due to his scattershot accuracy.

The Bears’ offense will have to show stark improvement against the Buccaneers, or Getsy risks derailing the train entirely off the track. If he doesn’t get out of Madden mode fast, he might not make it to Thanksgiving.
Justin Fields has more potential than any quarterback in franchise history, and it’s paramount that they get the most out of him. That starts with completely scrapping the game plan they had against Green Bay.

Photo: Chicago Tribune

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