Well, that was something.

Yesterday was one of the more bizarre days at Halas Hall ever. And the fact it’s happening before Week 3 even starts is not a good sign whatsoever for the 2023 Chicago Bears.

It started with Justin Fields’s weekly Wednesday media availability before practice. When discussing his struggles through two weeks, including not scrambling and missing some open receivers, he took accountability. But he also pointed at coaching as a possible reason why he is playing so robotic, not moving in the pocket, not scrambling, overthinking and not throwing to open receivers. He didn’t blame coaches completely; he took accountability for his bad play. But when it comes to taking some bad sacks and looking like he can’t play QB, it’s a far cry from where he ended last season. The question was about what might be causing him to overthink. “It might be coaching.”

The media ran with that quote, especially when Matt Eberflus talked about how he wanted all of his players to always play free, after defending Luke Getsy in postgame Sunday. While the Bears conducted their Wednesday practice, social media was ablaze, with some criticizing Fields for blaming the coaches for his performance. Others believed he was right to call out the coaches for all the mistakes on both sides of the ball (especially on offense) and not playing to the QB’s strengths. In reality, Fields wasn’t blaming the coaches.

After seeing how his comments were misconstrued, Fields called a press conference by his locker and clarified them. “I need to play better. That’s what I should’ve said.” He went and apologized to OC Luke Getsy for what happened.

One good thing that might come from this is Fields playing less within structure when things aren’t going great, which might allow him to get in more rhythm for the dropback passing game. “I wasn’t necessarily playing my game,” Fields said on Wednesday. “I felt like I was kind of robotic. Not playing like myself. My goal this week is just to say ‘F it’ and just go out there and play football how I know how to play football.” And Luke Getsy finally acknowledged his mistake of calling all those screens on Thursday when discussing the Shaq Barrett pick 6. So we may see a better, more free, more in-rhythm Bears offense this Sunday. Still, there was at least some disconnect between Fields and the staff for us to get to this point in the first place.

The bad news didn’t stop there, however. During Matt Eberflus’s press conference, he announced Braxton Jones was going on IR, with no timetable for a return, with a neck injury. Jones has picked up some penalties, but he has been solid at LT. The Bears will suffer without him, and things will be harder for Justin Fields. An offense already struggling to find rhythm can’t replace one of their best OL on the fly, already with an injury to Teven Jenkins, a terrible interior between Cody Whitehair and Lucas Patrick, and Nate Davis not in game shape (at least Ja’Tyre Carter looked good).

Finally, the biggest news of the day was DC Alan Williams, who missed week 2 with a personal issue. After a horrible display defensively week 1, the Bears defense was a little better in week 2 (still not great, please finish pressures off with sacks). Matt Eberflus was calling plays. He was asked three times on Wednesday what the status of Williams was, to which he said he had no updates.

Then suddenly, Williams resigned from his position. All his records on the Bears website were quickly scrubbed away, and the Bears social media did not thank him. While he said he stepped away to deal with family and health issues, a) that usually doesn’t happen this early in the season, and b) Brad Biggs stated based on his sources, he did not believe that is why Williams stepped down.

Rumors spread on Twitter of Halas Hall and Williams’s home being raided by the FBI. Those rumors, at least about Halas Hall, have been shot down by reputable reporters. Still, the situation with Williams could not have been good to end like this, and now the Bears locker room is likely somewhat shellshocked, and the team is without a defensive coordinator, and with an offensive coordinator in over his head.

The fact we have gotten to this point this soon is an indictment of the franchise and this coaching staff. Ryan Poles did some damage control on Thursday, but all eyes will be on him and Kevin Warren as this season goes along. Will Justin Fields bounce back soon, or will the Bears be picking ANOTHER QB in 2024? Wil Matt Eberflus improve his 3-16 record enough to get a third season? Will Luke Getsy adjust the offense as he did last season? With a matchup against the Chiefs up next, the task is daunting, though a better performance this week could possibly help turn the season around with an easy stretch.

So far though, it has been a nightmare in Chicago, and they are rightfully being torn apart by both the local and national media.

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