Major League Soccer is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing leagues in the world.

There has been a rapid increase in quality of play and popularity in the last years, which naturally translates into bringing in better players with higher salaries. Billionaire owner Joe Mansueto has no problem keeping up with this trend and putting money into Chicago’s roster, as the Fire have one of the highest player payrolls in the league. According to The Athletic, the Fire have the 6th highest guaranteed compensation total out of the whole league.

At $19,515,479, Chicago finds themselves in the big spenders category.

I often wonder myself how much my favorite athletes get paid, how much the bench guys make, the rookies, etc. which is what led me to doing this deep dive into the Chicago Fire’s salaries. Using the MLSPA website, I have found the exact salaries and will add some personal comments of my own to each player’s salary.


Chris Brady ($213,246) – Better than a lot of the keepers around the league earning more than him, but most importantly he is only 19, his payday is yet to come.

Jeff Gal ($85,444) – League Minimum, expected for a third choice keeper.

Spencer Richey ($132,000) – Fair pay for a decent backup keeper that makes a good number of appearances in tournament games.


Alonso Aceves ($330,000) – Bit of an overpay here, hasn’t impressed much necessarily and usually comes off the bench.

Arnaud Souquet ( $600,000) – Fire fans have mixed opinions about him, but I personally think he is a decent starter-quality fullback that provides good offensive help as well. His salary is fair.

Mauricio Pineda ($255,000) – A key piece in some of the Fire’s best moments this season and has several starts, this is a pretty team-friendly deal at under 300k.

Carlos Teran ($230,000) – Hasn’t had the best season and has suffered injuries, but let’s not forget how good he can be when he’s on top of his game. Would be underpaid if he was living up to his expectations I had for him at the start of the season but the way it’s going I would say it’s a fair salary.

Justin Reynolds and Allan Rodriguez ($67,000) – Academy Products that I haven’t seen much of, no comment.

Wyatt Omsberg ($170,000) – Slight overpay, he’s a okay veteran piece but should be closer to the league veteran minimum for my liking.

Miguel Navarro ($260,000) – Inconsistent player sometimes that I find myself often switching my opinion about him, but on his day I suppose he is a good value player for his salary.

Gaston Gimenez ($1,600,000) – Big salary, but for a key piece of the team, if you’ve watched any games this season it will be evident how much the ball goes through Gaston. Okay value.

Jonathan Dean ($85,444) – Underpaid, honestly a good depth fullback that I want to keep on the roster. Wouldn’t mind him getting an extension and getting paid in the low 100k range.

Rafael Czichos ($1,300,000) – A fan favorite for his leadership and passion, he is a consistent starter and captain in this team. Excellent leadership qualities but his actual defending isn’t 7 figures worthy to me. Meh.

Kendall Burks ($88,200) – I’m not a big fan of Burks, but he’s only very slightly above the league minimum, so not bad I guess.

Federico Navarro ($450,000) – Seems like I’m in the minority of fans that like Fede on the starting lineup nowadays, I love his work rate and interception ability. Definitely lacks in other areas though. Maybe a small overpay case here.


Javier Casas ($85,444) – League minimum, no complaint. I do want to see him play more though.

Fabian Herbers ($310,000) – Has been having an okay season but did provide a couple winning goals to his credit. Slight overpay.

Sergio Oregel ($67,360) – Homegrown I haven’t seen much of.

Maren Haille-Selassie ($264,000) – Underpay! He’s been unexpectedly a good source of offensive power in this team. Has slowed down since his hot start to the season though.

Brian Gutierrez ($200,004) – Just like Brady, massively underpaid, but very young so hasn’t gotten their payday yet.

Xherdan Shaqiri ($7,500,000) – MASSIVE OVERPAY. Absolutely not worth the money, and it’s a shame he’s taking up so much of the team’s salary.


Jairo Torres ($1,100,000) – Another massive overpay. 7 figures for an offensive player that has 0 goals this season is not a good look on the front office of this squad.

Missael Rodriguez ($67,360) – Another homegrown.

Kacper Przybylko ($1,100,004) – Not as bad as Jairo, but still a big overpay. Worth 300-400k at maximum, and even that’s generous.

Kei Kamara ($220,000) – Has been pretty good this season for a man nearing 40 years old, fair salary.

Georgious Koutsias ($470,800) – I believe he will pan out to be a good striker, but at the moment paying a raw project teenager that much is pretty bold. Small overpay.

Alex Monis ($85,444) – League minimum.

Chris Mueller ($600,000) – Good team-friendly salary for a player of his caliber, shame we don’t have him this season.

Victor Bezerra ($85,444) – League minimum.

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