Chicago Fire Miss Chance To Clinch Playoffs At Home

The Fire couldn’t get the job done on a chilly night at Soldier Field as they fell to conference opponents Charlotte FC 2-0. I was there at Soldier Field and the disappointment was clear. Us fans were left wondering where the electrifying and exciting Fire from Wednesday went. The difference was day and night, the energy that led to scoring 4 goals against a Messi-less Inter Miami was nowhere to be seen against Charlotte.

The Loss Stats

The Playoff Picture

With a win against Charlotte and help from other teams, the MLS Playoffs could have been clinched by now. Obviously things didn’t work out like that, and the loss complicates things… a lot. The Fire are now 11th place, down from 8th before the Charlotte game. Despite the drop in placement, they’re actually still tied for points for 9th place. It’s a tight race for the 8th and 9th spots to say the least. They face New York City FC (another team in the mix for the last playoff spots) October 21st in Citi field in a game that will decide the Fire’s fate. Technically speaking, even a win wouldn’t guarantee that the Fire are in the playoffs, but it would give them a very good chance, I’d say roughly a 80% chance. A tie or loss would pretty much ensure their season comes to an end. 

Rumors In Fire-Land

In other news, there are reports that General Manager Georg Heitz and Technical Director Sebastian Pelzer are being given an extension for 2024. If true, I think I speak for all Fire fans when I say this is NOT what the fanbase has been asking for. The duo have been given several seasons to succeed in this league and the product has been nothing but disappointment and shortcomings. From failed DP signings to missing the playoffs year after year, it’s safe to say this duo doesn’t deserve the extension. 


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