The Chicago Bulls and Patrick Williams failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension by the deadline of 5 P.M. CT on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Patrick Williams being coached by Billy DonovanOctober 23rd marked the last day for rookies of the 2020 draft class to sign a contract extension. The Chicago Bulls failed to reach an agreement with their 4th overall selection from the 2020 NBA draft, Patrick Williams.

On an episode of The Lowe Post, ESPN’s Zach Lowe stated, “I’m hearing Patrick Williams wants big, big numbers for his next contract… like, starts with a 2 and is it 2-0?.” It’s important to note that this quote has been highly misheard around the internet in the past week. Fans assumed that Zach Lowe was referring to a 200 million dollar contract, but when listening to the podcast, it is evident that Lowe was referring to a 20 million-dollar annual salary. That would mean Patrick Williams is seeking a contract in the range of 100 million dollars over 5 years or an 80 million contract over 4 years.

Devin Vassell, who played with Williams at Florida State, secured a 146 million dollar deal over 5 years earlier in the offseason. However, Vassell was amid a breakout season before getting injured last season. That was enough for the Spurs to secure Vassell as a long-term partner for Victor Wembanyama.

For the Bulls, Patrick Williams simply hasn’t done enough for the Bulls to commit to him long-term. In 3 seasons, Williams has provided solid play but not at a high enough volume. He has had no problem knocking down his shot efficiently; however, he’s not aggressive enough. The Bulls need Williams to attack the rim and find his spots offensively. The scoring load has to drop off for LaVine, Vucevic, and DeRozan and increase for the role players around them.

Patrick Williams will now have the opportunity to do what Coby White did last year: earn his payday. White earned his contract by showing skill improvement last season, proving he is a viable option at the point guard position.

It’s time for Patrick Williams to show he is a long-term starting forward for the Chicago Bulls.



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