Since the season finished, not much was going on in Fireland. Then the first huge offseason bomb dropped. World-class Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski has been linked to several MLS clubs, the front runner being the Chicago Fire. The potential bold move may be just what the Fire needs to reignite the spark. 

Is Robert Lewandowski finally heading to MLS? The race is on as clubs line up winter bids to sign striker from Barcelona | US


Off The Field

Not only is he an elite-level player that has proven himself at the highest level for years that would give the team their long-needed proven striker, but he’d also be attracting a mass of fans, partly due to the fact that there are over 1,000,000 Polish people in the Chicago metro area. 

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It’s not just Polish fans he would be attracting though, there are countless soccer fans of various backgrounds in Chicago that just simply don’t pay attention to the Fire, some because they haven’t been exposed enough, and others because they believe MLS is still inferior to most of Europe’s leagues, which has been changing rapidly recently and a Lewandowski move could open their eyes to this. I 100% believe a Lewandowski signing would lead to Soldier Field being more filled and energetic on game days. 

Although it would cost a pretty penny to acquire the Polish striker, the revenue in ticket sales to see him and Lewandowski jerseys alone would most likely make the Fire their money back and some change. The signing would also be a positive sign that the Front Office is trying to change things in the organization, as many fans including me have complained about the lack of ambition in the past. 


On The Field

This season so far he has 8 G/A in 10 matches in La Liga play for Barcelona, and an additional goal and assist in Champions League play across 3 games. Last season he netted 28 goals for Barcelona in League and Champions League play. It’s super clear he is still world-class even at his 35 years of age and would absolutely kill it here in my opinion. 

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Fire at all, you most likely know that a big problem of the season was a lack of striker production. I have no doubt in my mind Lewandowski would solve this problem instantly and probably even be in the MLS Golden Boot race if the team finds a way to mesh well with him. 

I’m not saying he would solve ALL the team’s problems, but he would be a big help for the Fire and a huge progress step towards giving Chicago a contending sports team to root for. 

Chances We Actually Get Him?

At the end of the day, rumors are just rumors. There has been no confirmation from an official source that the Fire are actually pursuing him, so I’m being VERY cautiously optimistic because just as fast as this rumor came, it can disappear just as fast. If I had to give my personal opinion, I would say maybe there’s a 20% chance we land him. First the FO actually has to pursue him, and if that happens then it would still be a challenge to secure Lewandowksi amongst all the potentially interested teams. But it’s no fun being a glass half-empty kind of guy, so I’m rooting for this move and will definitely be on the lookout for updates!


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