With another hopeful offseason on the horizon filled with endless potential, unfortunately Ryan Poles is left with too many questions rather than answers.

The coaching staff has been inadequate (putting it nicely), and Justin Fields has you trapped. It’s actually a lot easier to make decisions for the future when young quarterbacks simply pick a side between being hot garbage (Mac Jones) and being very good (CJ Stroud). Ryan likely wishes he had that luxury, but Justin Fields has yet to make it that easy.


The Bears play the following teams in the final seven games of this season: Lions (x2), Vikings, Browns, Cardinals, Falcons, Packers. A good mix of good, bad, ugly, and whatever the hell is happening in Minnesota with Joshua Dobbs. Offensively speaking, there aren’t any excuses going forward for Justin Fields and this coaching staff. While we will get more information this week with the official injury reports, the Bears are expected to be able to put their best foot forward against the Lions this coming Sunday. Justin Fields back at QB, Khalil Herbert returning, a starting o-line of Jones-Whitehair-Patrick-Jenkins-Wright, and your best weapons in DJ Moore, Cole Kmet and Darnell Mooney. The production out of this unit should undeniably represent where the organization currently stands. 

There are three paths these final seven games can take that will determine what Ryan Poles does this off-season.

The first two paths make things relatively easy for Ryan Poles. The Bears suck, and you clean house. Bring in a new staff, move on from Justin Fields and likely draft a QB. On the flip side, by some voodoo magic insanity the Bears run the table and finish fighting for a wildcard spot. In that case, keeping the coaching staff and Justin Fields while having the most cap space in the league and still a top pick from the Panthers to add more talent makes the most sense. HOPEFULLY, one of these paths happen because that would require the least amount of thinking possible from the Bears front office.

The third path, however, is the black hole of mediocrity.

Say hypothetically the Bears go 3-4 in the final seven games, and finish with a record of 6-11. Given the advantage of coming off both a mini and regular bye in the Lions matchups, you split the season series. Winning against a good Lions team to install false confidence would be a very Bears thing to do anyway. Get a win at home against the Falcons because when Arthur Smith asked siri if he should give Bijan Robinson the ball that day, she just happened to say no. You can flip a coin between the Cardinals and Packers for that third win, both are awful. Justin Fields shows flashes, but struggles against a great defense in Cleveland. Another chance to make a comeback drive late in the 4th quarter but fails, again. Where do you go from there? Do you keep the coaching staff that technically improved in year two and let them get their guy at quarterback? Do you commit to Justin and find a new staff to try and unlock his potential? Look pass the flashes and throw it all away, potentially ending up with something worse like Bryce Young in Carolina?

These next few months are going to be crucial in determining the future of the next 4-5 years of Bears football. The scariest part is that this front office has the resources to make detrimental mistakes. On behalf of the fan base, Justin Fields, I am begging you to make this easy. Do not allow this organization to make tough decisions. We cannot be trusted.

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