Another rough loss on Sunday. The Bears choked a 26-14 lead in Detroit after dominating most of the game, including 40 minutes time of possession and 4 takeaways. The loss falls squarely on Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy, who hopefully now have 0 justification to return to the team, as Ryan Poles seems likely to remain the Bears General Manager.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers owe the Bears their 2024 first round pick, which is on pace to be the first overall pick. Meaning the Bears would have their choice of QBs between Caleb Williams and Drake Maye in a stacked QB class. With Justin Fields slow start in September and his injury, most have assumed there will be a new Chicago Bears QB in 2024.

But Fields’ recent performances make that decision a little harder (which is a good thing). He dominated Denver and Washington before his injury, and came back this week and played well against Detroit. He did a lot of the things he struggled to do earlier in the season, like step up from the pocket, go through more than one read and only then scramble, and hit more intermediate and short routes. He did his usual thing running and hitting deep shots, but we needed to see progression in the other aspects of his game, which we did. He only took two sacks, and only one was on him. The Bears easily could have put up more than 26 points if some more passes were called and they went for it more on fourth down.

If Ryan Poles sees Fields improvement as enough to not pick Williams or Maye, he could trade down again for a haul and pick the best player in the draft in Marvin Harrison Jr, while getting another future first and a second to recoup the value lost in the Montez Sweat trade. More would be acquired in a trade for the first pick while getting MHJ than trading Fields. And resetting the clock on a rookie QB contract isn’t a necessity since the Bears have a lot of cap space.

We’ll have to see. The decision, if Fields continues to play well this season, will be difficult. It may come down to the new head coach, and whether Fields can learn another new system quickly, or for the team to just take the easier route and pick a rookie QB. But don’t assume one way or another just yet.

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