Today, the Fire have officially announced that club legend and interim head coach Frank Klopas will officially be the permanent head coach leading the team into next season. 

The Fire have been in search of their new permanent coach ever since Ezra Hendrickson was given the boot all the way back in early May. Naturally, current assistant coach, club legend and fan favorite Klopas took over as interim head coach. Klopas took full advantage of the opportunity to start, going on an incredible stretch over the summer and fans started to call for him to be the official head coach. 

The team was looking motivated and set to make the playoffs, he was part of the iconic Fire glory days as a player, and obviously had the passion and care needed to lead the team. It seemed almost an obvious decision right? 

Quote Sheet | Sporting Director Georg Heitz, Head Coach Frank Klopas Speak  with Media Members | Chicago Fire FC



In classic Fire style they managed to somehow whiff on the playoffs and ended the season on a terrible note in horrendous form. The honeymoon phase where Klopas seemed like a playoff-quality head coach was just that, a phase, and most expected the Fire to find their new guy and make Klopas the right hand man again. 

Chicago Fire name Frank Klopas as their new head coach

Despite this, the move indicates that it’s clear the Fire still have faith in him. I’m not a Klopas hater, far from it actually. I think he’s a great guy that has all the energy and enthusiasm you can want in a coach. But on the technical side of things I just don’t think he cuts it for a head coach position. There were A LOT of candidates that I would’ve liked to see brought in that were available, Jesse Marsch, Gio Savarese, and Adrian Heath are a couple names that pop up in my mind. 


To Klopas’ credit, he was given an average/below-average roster to work with and even then almost managed to make the playoffs and give the fans hope for some time. So I will be open minded and optimistic, cautiously optimistic that is, and hope the move pans out well.

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