Confirmed by the Fire themselves in a tweet responding to a “leak” of the new home jersey, the navy blue home jersey experiment is over and they will be returning to red as the primary color. The move has sparked a positive reaction so far, as many fans (me included) were hoping they would go back to their roots of the old Fire, in which they wore red jerseys at home for every season leading up to the 2019 season.

Footy Headlines, a source famous for leaking kits before official release, Imageposted this image as the supposed new jersey, to which the Fire officially responded to in a humorous way, referencing the Coldplay lyric, “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed”.

While the supposed leaked design might not exactly be the true thing, it’s pretty similar to the end result we can expect, Fire red as the primary color accompanied with other crest colors for accents.


ImageThat’s not all Footy Headlines gave us though,

when they noticed the Fire’s call out on their original report, FH responded with another mock up, stating that this one should be closer to the actual end result, and I have to say I actually like this one more, and hope Footy Headlines is right on this one. The light blue lining along the jersey from top to bottom looks really nice, and the light blue accent on the sleeves is a nice touch as well. One thing to note as well is that as opposed to last year, the Fire will actually have a shirt sponsor, that being Carvana, popular online car retailer.

Side note: Hyundai did not like the Fire’s decision to partner up with Carvana and decided to pull out of their sleeve sponsorship…

Official release of the kit will be February 15th, and in the meanwhile hopefully there’s also some developments on a DP #9 Striker and Kellyn Acosta’s status.


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