We are six days away from Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Franciso 49ers, which means the NFL season is about to come to an end and the off-season will “officially” be underway.

The week before the Super Bowl is typically a dull one. Usually, it’s full of national media over-analyzing every inch of the upcoming game, capped off by the Pro Bowl that no one watches and/or cares about.

This year though, it’s been a little different (not the Pro Bowl though, still don’t care), the week has been full of conversations around Taylor Swift and ironically enough…the Chicago Bears.
It all started when Colin Cowherd, host of The Herd on Fox Sports, said “Caleb Williams and his group DO NOT want to go to Chicago.” This immediately took off on social media and led to Caleb Williams’ camp reaching out to Cowherd to correct his comments.

During the following show on Friday, Cowherd said “I got a call from the Caleb Williams camp and they went, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Colin we don’t want to be painted as anti-Bear. And they made it clear to me that they said, listen, we don’t want to go to a city that doesn’t care. Chicago cares, they’re big, loud, they’re passionate. They fire coaches all the time…and they did say there’s a path to succeed in Chicago.”

Rumors have floated around regarding the package that would be offered to the Bears for the number one pick, and which teams are interested. On Sunday, things got even more spicy as Washington officially hired Kliff Kingsbury (who was USC’s senior offensive assistant and QB’s coach this past year) as their new offensive coordinator. The fact that Caleb Williams is from Washington D.C. already brought trade interest, now adding Kingsbury deepens the intrigue even more.

A route that Ryan Poles needs to consider is one that doesn’t get enough talk in the media – and it’s trading both the 1st overall pick AND Justin Fields, while drafting a QB. Using PFF’s Mock Draft simulator as the basis for trades – here’s what the Bears could walk away with:

WSH receives:
– 1st overall pick

CHI receives:
– 2nd overall pick
– 36th overall pick
– 2025 1st round
– Daron Payne


PIT receives:
– Justin Fields

CHI receives:
– 52nd pick
– 84th pick
– 2025 4th round

I understand that the idea of trading both the first pick and Justin Fields is not a popular one, but the foundation that Ryan Poles could build with back to back years of ABSURD hauls has to be considered. There are multiple positions of need this off-season including WR, edge rusher, defensive tackle, center -that must be addressed. Eddie Jackson and Cody Whitehair will likely be cap casualties, forcing a need at safety and depth at guard. Robert Tonyan doesn’t cut it as your Y-TE and is a free agent, that must be addressed.

Could Caleb Williams be the next Patrick Mahomes? Maybe, and some will argue that chance existing is why you must take him. However, if there is something to learn from the teams that are in the Super Bowl this weekend – it’s that when both Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy were drafted and eventually became their team’s starter, there was a STRONG foundation built around them. The Chiefs had won 10+ games 3 years in a row and 4 out of the last 5 before drafting Mahomes. The 49ers had been to two Conference Championships and a Super Bowl in the 3 years before drafting Brock Purdy (yes, he was the last pick in the draft – but you get the point).

Establishing a rock-solid core allows you to trade 3 first round picks to draft Trey Lance and have absolutely zero consequences. It brings flexibility, and wiggle room for mistakes. Guess what, there are a LOT of mistakes made in the draft every single year ESPECIALLY at quarterback. It’s a crapshoot and nothing is guaranteed.

Continue to build the foundation. Trade the first pick, let Shane Waldron and his staff go get his guy and reset the QB contract.

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