Exactly one month from today, the 2024 NFL Draft begins. Counting down the days until Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears select their future starting quarterback with the number one overall pick.

In the aftermath of the Justin Fields trade, the Bears are evolving into a verb.

Similar to classic sayings like “the Lions are the Lions,” insinuating that no matter the circumstances, some things will just never change. When it comes to the quarterback position and the prospect of drafting Caleb Williams, who is widely regarded as one of the most talented players heading into the draft in years – it’s not unreasonable to believe that “the Bears will Bears.”
What’s different this time around? Won’t it just end in disappointment like it always has? Why should we trust Ryan Poles to draft the next franchise quarterback?
Ryan Poles was asked in an interview today why didn’t Justin Fields work out in Chicago:

“There is a lot to unpack there, ya know. I think, ya know, if you go through the whole deal like at the very beginning, I think it was a choppy start for his rookie year. When I came in, we had some cleaning up to do, which then delayed another year of adding talent and supporting. And then, in terms of the game, I feel like he was making strides and improving. But the problem is, and that’s why I try to explain it wasn’t Justin versus one of these rookies; it’s really the timeline. How much runway do you have? Because to get a guy up off the ground, you have to support him with as much talent as possible, and then that flips because they take up so much cap space. It’s a good thing if you get to that point, but they have to be the reason you start winning, so then it’s harder to start adding the talent around them.”


The previous general manager, Ryan Pace, left an organizational disaster in his departure. A disaster that was enabled by Bears ownership for allowing Ryan Pace to make detrimental decisions to the future of the team in the final year of his contract.

When Ryan Poles was hired in January of 2022, he didn’t even have a first-round pick to work with in the 2022 NFL Draft. A complete roster overhaul was necessary, resulting in over $85 million in dead money going into the 2022 season. The future of the team was on the shoulders of a young quarterback in Justin Fields, who, going into his second season, had already seen his head coach and the general manager that drafted him be fired. In his first game, he was thrown into a dogfight against the best defensive line in the league and was sacked 9 times.

Ryan Poles did not fail Justin Fields. The Chicago Bears did. That was made obvious by the trade to Pittsburgh. Out of respect for Justin and the hand he was dealt, Poles allowed him to have control in his trade destination.

Caleb Williams will walk into a talented roster with premium weapons at his disposal and a top defensive unit in the league. This situation has been hand-crafted and calculated by Ryan Poles starting from day one of his tenure.

If there has ever been a time to have trust in the person leading the Chicago Bears front office, it’s now.

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