The Chicago Bulls have clinched their spot in the NBA’s Play-In Tournament for the second year in a row.

Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks in a crucial game for Play-In Tournament seeding.
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Chicago’s Path to the Play-In Tournament

The Bulls lost to the Atlanta Hawks at home on Monday night but clinched the spot despite the result. Both the Bulls and the Hawks will fight for the 9th spot in the Eastern Conference. Being 9th seed guarantees a home game for the first game of the Play-In Tournament.

The Bulls hold the tie-breaker over Atlanta for seeding. Chicago must play strong to close out the regular season and keep the 9th spot. Atlanta has played well, backed by Dejounte Murray’s stellar play.

The Bulls Sign Javonte Green on a Standard Contract

Fan favorite Javonte Green has now signed with the Chicago Bulls for the rest of the season. Green was initially brought in on a 10-day contract.

The Bulls waived Terry Taylor to make space for the signing. This move allows the Bulls to play Javonte Green in the play-in tournament. Having a player on the roster who brings as much energy as he does will be an asset for the Bulls.

Wrapping up the Regular Season

The Bulls now have six games remaining on their schedule. They will battle the Knicks three times: the Magic, the Pistons, and the Wizards. Just two home games remain on their schedule. Earning the 9th spot in the Eastern Conference will be a challenge.

The Atlanta Hawks have played poised to earn a playoff position. The Chicago Bulls will likely play the Atlanta Hawks to begin the Play-In Tournament. Despite the seeding battle, the 9th seed vs 10th seed game looks locked in. It will almost certainly be the Bulls vs. the Hawks.

It remains to be seen if the Hawks will have their star guard, Trae Young, return ahead of the playoffs.

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