The Chicago Bulls will end the season as the 9th Seed in the Eastern Conference, securing a home game to begin the Play-In Tournament.

The Chicago Bulls Clinch Play-In Tournament Position

A Thursday night victory over the Detroit Pistons clinched the Bulls Play-In Tournament position. The Chicago Bulls will officially host the Atlanta Hawks in the nine vs. ten games in the tournament. A stellar DeMar DeRozan performance led the Bulls to their win. DeRozan scored 39 points to hoist the Bulls to victory.

It’s comforting to know that the Bulls won’t lose to the Pistons three times in one season. With the Bulls’ seeding position clinched, it remains to be seen if starters will be rested for the final two games.

Post-game, Billy Donovan stated:

“We will have to evaluate things with a game tomorrow and then the New York game at 1:00. It might be playing guys for a half instead of leaving them out.”

It sounds like Donovan will take the approach of reducing minutes for the team’s key players.

The Bulls lost to the Hawks in a 113-101 defeat last time. This time, the Hawks will have their star point guard Trae Young. Young returned in a loss to the Hornets on Wednesday. However, the Hawks have a .500 record of 14-14 without Trae Young this season. At the same time, their record is 22-30 with Young on the court.

Arguably, the return of Young benefits the Bulls. The Hawks were used to playing without their star guard but now have to adjust to welcome him back into the starting lineup. This could cause Dejounte Murray’s role to diminish.

Either way, this game will not be an easy task for the Bulls.

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