A midweek match-up against Charlotte resulted in yet another loss for the Men in Red.

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That brings them to 6 straight matches without any wins, only adding 2 points with draws against Atlanta United and New York Red Bulls (Red Bulls were shown a red card in the first half.) It’s been a horrendous month for the Fire, and it will only get tougher as we welcome the reigning champs, Columbus Crew, into town this Saturday. So, the hottest question going around this week has been, what the heck is going on with the Fire? Why such poor results if the roster on paper became stronger during this past offseason? Many fingers are being pointed at Head Coach Frank Klopas. I’ve always firmly believed that “a coach can only do so much.” Klopas was never the intended coach for the role, anyway. I truly don’t think he is the head coach material in this league; however, it seems like no one else wants the job. He knows the players well, the club well, the tradition well, but it’s just not translating onto the pitch for whatever reason. So, what’s the issue?

MLS Standings

The Fire currently sits in second to last place in the Eastern Conference. They have the second-worst points total (10) roughly 14 weeks into the season. In those 14 weeks, they only have two wins. The craziest part, it’s not as bad as it sounds – they are only a couple of wins away from a playoff spot. Yes, I know the MLS Playoff setup is horrible. Half the league basically gets in.

So, what does the Fire need to secure a play-in game at the very least?


The Chicago Fire need incredible vibes, on and off the pitch. No, this is not a joke. The club needs to rejuvenate its product because it’s more or less been the same outcome for the past 5-6+ seasons.

The front office has sold us a gray, dull, and boring product for far too long, and they need to switch it up. What does that even look like? Well, here’s a thought for starters. 

Sign a Star

I know that may seem super obvious and effortless, but it has literally not been done in quite a while. And no, I do not mean someone like Shaqiri or even Schweinsteiger. I definitely do not mean someone like Hugo Cuypers, who came from the club Gent in the Belgian league. I don’t care how many goals he scored a couple of seasons ago. We threw an insane amount of money for him, and he’s only produced 3 goals so far. No, I do not want to hear how he has “no support” or “services” he can work with. A DP signing creates his own chances if need be. Back to my point, though, there’s just no excitement, no energy, and no vibes with this squad. Chicago needs a player who can connect to the city, the people, and the fan base. A player that can bring those positive vibes. Who would that be?

My suggestion: Robert Lewandowski.


There’s already been a bit of chatter across social media platforms that this should be the main target the Fire should aim for. The Polish striker has been linked to a number of clubs and moves over the past few months. He hasn’t really worked out for FC Barcelona the way they hoped for, so a move away from Spain might be on the horizon.

There are a number of reasons Lewandowski would be the perfect fit for Chicago.

On the field, he’d be the perfect # 9 the Fire need inside the box. He would be what we thought Hugo Cuypers would be: a clinical striker who does not pass up on chances, a strong forward who can play hold-up and finish runs into the six. He would be an aerial threat and an incredible presence in the final third. Think of a more explosive, more agile Nemanja Nikolic. Now, I am the first to admit that I am not crazy about signing “big names” from Europe, especially as they get a little older (Lewandowski is 35.) However, this is exactly what I mean when I say the club needs rejuvenation.

It’s no question how legendary Lewandowski is. He will go down as one of the best strikers in modern soccer history. What really catches my attention with a signing like this, aside from the incredible buzz and hype, would be his connection to the people here, given his background and roots. Lewandowski is the all-time leading goal scorer for the Polish national team with a whopping 82 goals. He has represented Poland over 120 times since 2008. Outside of Poland, Chicago is home to the largest population of Poles in the world. What an interesting and incredible fact when you really think about it. Even more of a reason this signing would just make sense. 

The grand arrival of Lewandowski would be similar to when Schweinsteiger arrived in terms of global recognition that would shake up the soccer world. The magnitude of it all would be extremely beneficial to the club and city. Of course, we would anticipate a rise in quality on the field as well, but the excitement of him just being here is what we are in need of. Again, the vibes. The energy around the city would be electric, and the attention the club would gather would be at an all-time high. It just makes sense. He’d be “the face” of the club that represents us. He’d be the leader that we desperately need because, let’s face it, I think we can all agree Project Shaqiri just isn’t working, and we simply cannot dump an entire club’s hopes onto a 20-year-old in Brian Gutierrez.. at least not just yet. 

As a long-time fan, I miss attending Fire matches with packed stands and a special buzz in the year. To be completely honest, I can’t recall the last time I’ve been around an atmosphere like that. The few that I do remember happened back when Magic Mike had Toyota Park erupting back in 2013 during his MVP run.
I miss that. We miss that, and we all deserve to have it around in Chicago again. 


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