After losing in Orlando, the Fire sit dead last in the Eastern Conference with 18 points through 19 games.

While the team is technically at rock bottom in terms of standings, they’re actually having the best offensive three-game stretch of the season and look smoother overall on the offensive side of things. 

In Form


Throughout the last 3 games, the Fire have scored 8 goals, more than in any other three-game stretch this season. They’ve been shooting a lot and testing every keeper they go against, and the leading man, Hugo Cuypers, has provided a goal or assist in each of his last five games, dating back all the way to the DC United game in May. Simply put, Cuypers is essential to the whole offense. If he’s doing well and getting the help he needs from the team, he will have no problem consistently finding the net, just like he has been lately.

Haille-Selassie has found the net in consecutive games, and Brian has been doing a good job lately, taking plenty of dangerous shots on target, including a banger that got Fire the win against LA Galaxy a couple of weeks ago.

Shaqiri’s Absence

In MLS, a team’s DPs (Designated Players) are supposed to be the stars, the guys that contribute the most and lead the team. But for Chicago, it’s not exactly like that, as 2/3 DPs are constantly on the bench. One of those two is none other than Xherdan Shaqiri. There’s no doubt he’s talented and has the capability to score amazing goals and give beautiful assists; we’ve seen it countless times in his career in Europe, especially in his Switzerland NT performances. But for some reason, we never see any of that version of Shaqiri when he’s wearing the Fire badge.

The main problem with his disappointing performance stems from his lack of effort on the field.

Right now and for the past weeks, he’s been away from the Fire as he is representing Switzerland at the Euros in Germany. This window of time that he’s been gone is also the same window of time in which the Fire’s offense has begun to click. Coincidence? Probably not.

Next-Up Defensive Matchups

The next three games will involve facing average to below-average defenses, which is a good sign that this nice offensive form can continue.

In their next match, the Fire will travel to face the Seattle Sounders, who have a respectable defense that has only allowed 25 goals through 20 games. The next two opponents are Philadelphia, who have allowed over 30 goals in under 20 games, and then San Jose, the absolute worst defense in the MLS, having allowed over 50 goals already.

This is a three-game stretch in which fans can definitely be optimistic about seeing the form continue.


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