Making The Most of an Unexpected Start

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Bulls fans assumed that the Bulls would be fully healthy to start the season, except missing starting point guard Lonzo Ball. Last Monday, it was reported that Zach LaVine would miss the season opener against the Miami Heat due to injury management for his left knee that had surgery in the off season. In addition, LaVine is expected to miss one leg of double headers that the Bulls play for the foreseeable future. Despite the Bulls having to take on the Heat without LaVine they were able to come away with a massive victory to start the season in Miami led by the play of Demar DeRozan. The Bulls did go on to drop back to back losses to the Wizards and Cavaliers, but pulled off a comeback victory against the Boston Celtics.

Vucevic Steps Up

Happy belated birthday to Nikola Vucevic, who turned 32 on Monday. Vucevic has had a solid start to the season after struggling to provide consistent play last season. He was able to provide solid play inside against Miami, as well as holding Bam Adeabyo to a poor shooting night. Vucevic played an important role in the Bulls 19-point comeback victory by providing 18 points and hauling in 23 rebounds as the leading rebounder of the game. With LaVine expected to be load managed throughout the season, Vucevic will need to carry a heavy load for the Bulls to be able to compete down the stretch.

Defeating Contenders

Last Season, the Chicago Bulls struggled to defeat contending teams in the Eastern Conference. This season, the Bulls have defeated two contenders within the first week of the season in the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Keeping this play up will show that the Bulls have taken a leap, and are ready to compete with the best in the conference.

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