The much anticipated 2nd and 3rd round of the NFL 2022 draft has come and gone. Bears fans have been eager for day 2 of the draft ever since Ryan Poles and his new staff took the reigns. Would Poles add some weapons for Fields? Would he sure up the OLine? Or would he attack some holes in the defense? Would he trade up or trade back? What the heck was going to happen?!?! Well we finally got our answer Bears Nation… Poles in the second round drafts Kyler Gordon CB, Jaquan Brisker S, and Velus Jones Jr. WR. So let’s take a look at the new kids on the block.


Kyler Gordon

The 5’11, 195lbs CB out of Washington. Gordon has experience playing all around the defensive backfield. On the outside, and in the slot. Gordon allowed only a 50% completion rate while in Washington and didn’t allow a single TD in the past two seasons. Many NFL scouts dubbed Gordon as a 1st-2nd round pick. Gordon’s biggest attributes is his pure athleticism, and explosive playmaking ability. He has a high motor and a nose for a football and isn’t afraid to lay the hit. The Bears had massive issues in the secondary last season, allowing the best QB rating in the entire NFL by opposing QBs with a 103.3, They allowed a top-5 worst 31 passing TDs. Gordon is a day 1 starter who is going to provide a huge boost to this secondary. His technique isn’t perfect but with time it will come.

Jaquan Brisker

A 6-1 200lbs Safety out of Penn State. Brisker is another explosive ballhawk that Ryan Poles was excited to add to this secondary. Brisker brings an electric mentality to the field and should hopefully add some takeaways onto this Bears defense that recorded one of the least amount of INTs in the league with 8. Another exciting this with Brisker coming to Chicago is what this could mean for superstar Eddie Jackson. Last season Jackson was counted on time in and time out to stop the deep ball and not able to be the ballhawk safety we saw in 2018. With a reliable partner in the defensive backfield Jackson might be able to take some more gambles on the ball. Brisker will provide snaps on this defense early into the season and as he gets a hang of NFL speed and NFL talent WRs we shouldn’t be surprised seeing him as a starter.

Velus Jones Jr.

A 6ft 204 pound speed demon out of Tennessee with some DANGEROUS YAC ability. Jones ran a 4.31 40 yard draft making him one of the quickest WRs in the draft. Jones didn’t really burst on the scene as a WR until 2021 with 800 receiving yards and 7 TDs. He is however a proven man in the return game sharing SEC Special Team player of the years honors last season. Jones is dangerous with the football after reception and is bound to make some electric plays. However Jones is going to be 25 by the time he steps on an NFL field. Regardless of his age the Bears WR room was weak and they added another explosive weapon after losing Jakeem Grant.


Day 2 didn’t go the way a lot of fans wanted to see it go. Many Bears fans were wanting to see Poles add some more tools for Fields after a lackluster additions in free agency. That being said 2 defensive DBs with day 1 starter grades were available when the Bears were on the clock. The Bears secondary was one of the WORST in football last season. After these selection the secondary is a much improved unit and improvement is all we can ask for.

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