Now, we all remember that three-year plan Nelson Rodríguez mentioned 2 years ago, but we haven’t seen anything change for the good only the worse.

Now the club has been set back comparing the 2017 and 2018 seasons. But, one position the club has been struggling in the past 2 seasons is in goal. Sean Johnson was originally sold to Atlanta United in December of 2016 and then from there traded to New York City FC. Ever since then we’ve had Jorge Bava, Matt Lampson,and Patrick McClain, though none being able to fill in the shoes of the Milk Man (Yes, defense played a big part as well, I’ll get there). 

But earlier this week the club has been said to be closing in on signing DC United Goalkeeper David Ousted. Who spent 2018 with DC who made 17 appearances with the club, and over 142 with Vancouver Whitecaps. Yes, Chicago Fire have been linked with better goalkeepers this off-season, two playing in Germany but there’s no doubt that Ousted is better than what the club currently have (with Sanchez and Cleveland both being young and inexperienced).

Now with the club being close to bringing in Ousted the club are close to losing Matt Polster, and Johan Kappelhof not too long after losing Andrew Gutman to Celtic and Brandon Vincent + Christian Dean to an early retirement.

On the other hand, the club has taken huge steps in recently acquiring Portuguese defender Marcelo, polish midfielder Przemysław Frankowski and homegrown midfielder Jeremiah Gutjahr (which also adds on to the stack of midfielders the club already hold).

The Club is still targeting two international defenders, and are still in talks with bringing back Johan Kappelhof

Surely this off-season hasn’t been the best (comparing to the 2017 additions) Now with all this being said, will the club have a better season than their last? Or will history end up repeating itself? 

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